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Sponsorship Wanted - Bike Tours for the Wounded - 2019 Wild West Challenge One

Apologies if this is in the wrong forum. Mods, please move if necessary.

My mate Del "Cow Head" Hunter is an ex-scaley (like my good self), he got out a couple of years ago (after his full 22 I believe) to become a screw in some nick up North - where the wild Haggis roam free and Irn Bru is available on tap.

Now Del isn't blessed with good looks, brains, a sense of balance, or manual dexterity (in any shape or form), and is frequently too vain to wear his glasses* (although I've been told that this had nothing to do with his accident....).

Despite his many God given disabilities, Del decided that his method of commuting between home and the aforementioned Nick should be a motorbike. Unfortunately on the way to work one morning to spend his day merrily filling in convicts, or whatever it is that screws do, Del was wiped out off his mighty two-wheeled chariot nearly killed, and then nearly lost his leg (he's a f*cking drama queen).

He's now (18 months later) still recovering slowly, and is determined to give something back to those wounded squaddies who are or were less fortunate than he - perversely (and completely oblivious to irony) by sticking them on the back of a motorbike as a passenger, and riding around the Wild West.

As much as I take the piss, I can't help admiring the man - if he'd have showed the same grit, determination and positivity when he was serving, as he has to his recovery, he'd have been a red tab by now.

Please have a look at the links below (have a squint at the ugly bugger on his hospital bed, he needs all the help he can get), and if you can, and would care to - please donate a little.

Help Derek's Wild West Challenge make a difference

Two taken to hospital after four vehicle crash involving lorry and motorbike on A90 | Press and Journal

* - He's also the twunt who tried to kill me** by handing me a bare electric cable head (in the dark) which had just been snapped off the back of our SATCOMs det, which resulted in my jumping backwards 15' and waking up hanging from a cam-net in a great deal of pain...…
** - I got my own back though when he lent me his gash Volvo a couple of months later - ha ha haaaaa

NOTE: Del's given me his permission to put his details up here, I'm not a complete tw@t.
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I'm going up to the Highlands to see him when I'm back next month, so get donating - otherwise he'll f*cking kill me for this write-up.

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