Sponsorship Rejection- Is that it?

Hi guys, new to the site (long time reader but not posted before).

Been on a couple of FAM visits so far, one before I went on main board which I didn't get on with very well and they subsequently didn't offer me sponsorship. However that was fine- I didn't find it the place for me at all, so I understood that they would have felt the same way.

However, I went on another FAM visit recently having passed main board, and I came away thinking that it had gone well. Interview went well, got on fine with the other guys on the visit, worked hard in the phys etc etc. Wouldn't say the place I was visiting would rank too highly on my list of people to join but at the same time I would have definitely considered them at least an option.

However, I then got a letter through saying "thanks for the visit, but we don't feel that XXXX is not for you, so thanks but no thanks" (I paraphrase). They went on to say something along the lines of "I hope you have gained a good understanding of the selection process from the visit, if you are successful in gaining a place at Sandhurst we may reconsider you".

So not only was I told that they didn't feel that I fit in (without offering any explanation as to why) the guy writing the letter hadn't even bothered to change what is probably the standard rejection letter to reflect the fact that I have already got a place at Sandhurst and just need to pass pre-entry medical and PFT before I go.

This leaves me baffled as to where I went wrong- all my careers advisor interviews have gone well, I got a Cat 1 at briefing and a pass first time round from main board, but both places I have been on FAM visits have given me the "thanks but try somewhere else" letter.

How have AOSB come to the conclusion both times I have been to westbury "yes this guy has enough potential to warrant a chance to attempt the commissioning course" but both places I have visited on FAM visits have told me to jog on?

I realise you need to "fit in" etc etc to the places you are visiting, but it's given me a bit of a knock to my confidence in terms of- maybe these places don't think I have what it takes.

The 2nd rejection was even more stinging because they had clearly not even bothered to check my file properly before writing to me. This visit also wasn't to the sort of place where they bang on about "we only take top 3rd etc etc" and a lot of other people that I met on the visit were offered sponsorship pretty much straight away.



I'm surprised that they rejected you outright and I quite understand your annoyance that they hadn't bothered to check your AOSB situation. The reality is that pre-RMAS sponsorship is entirely non-essential and neither party is bound by it. Your mission now is to do well at RMAS, at which point you will find all sorts of doors opening to you - even including whichever regiment or corps it is that has just 'rejected' you - so don't be too downhearted.

BTW, if 'Lewis Button' is your real name, you are best advised to change your username. PM me if that's the case.
Sound advice from Cpunk there as ever. It may be that the places you have looked at really are not for you. Sadly, or perhaps rightly depending on your viewpoint, Regimental Officers tend to know what fits and what doesn't. It strikes me odd that you were going to FAM visits without having been already looked at by the RHQ element of the unit you were looking at. Perhaps this is just an infantry thing. I would also speak to your ACA(O), if they are still called such. I do, however, see it as poor drills that the unit concerned were not swept up on exactly where you were coming from. Can I ask if there were a large number of potential candidates on your Fam visit?

The upshot of it is that actually sponsorship means very little once you are through the hallowed doors. Sponsorship is but a means to get in, it is not a free pass. Your ACA can sponsor you and to that end it means they do all your paperwork for you and backbrief on your AOSB result etc. Get through those doors and you are up for grabs for any unit.

Final advice, head down, work hard, learn, learn, learn. 42 Weeks before you do the job live, and I do mean live. Enjoy.
Great advice from both there.

Like they said, i would not lose too much sleep about the matter.

May i ask when you are planning to attend the CC?


I saw something similar while on a Fam visit myself some years ago - anybody on the visit who already a destination unit in mind and had sponsorship from them were not offered sponsorship from this unit.

If you were honest about this at the visit it probably explains it.
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