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Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by lucky21, May 22, 2013.

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  1. A bit of a random question but I was just hoping to get a general opinion.

    I started boxing 2 months ago and seem to have taken to it rather well. I have been entered by my trainer into a big white collar event in July which will be in front of several hundred people. Having only just started, and as ever being short of funds, I dont own any gear yet apart from some cheapo gloves.*

    I had the idea the other day that it might be worth approaching my employers for some sponsorship. I never thought it would come to any fruition, as despite working for one of, if not the largest private companies in the world, they are notoriously shitty to work for, and rarely help staff with anything.
    However!!!! They have actually said they want to discuss the idea and costs, ( call me a cynic but im sure its purely for the advertising and publicity) and so im now wondering how best to go about getting the most out of them :) im looking at it as the bonus that in 5 years working for them, ive never had.
    So how best do you think I should go about it?
    Any help appreciated!*Cheers
  2. I think the main and most important point is to convice the people with the money that you won't lose.

    Seeing their company logo plastered all over a bleeding wreck face down in the middle of the ring wouldn't do their image a lot of good I would imagine. :razz:

    Other than that I have no idea.
  3. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    The organiser of the event may well insist that you use the gloves they provide as this guarantees that everyone is using gloves of the correct weight and padding level for a white collar bout.

    If they are not providing your kit, it might be reasonable to ask your employer to pay for shorts and vest (displaying a suitable logo, of course) and boots if you are feeling really cheeky.

    It is also worth asking if they want to use the event for corporate entertainment - taking a table or two if it is a dinner show, or tickets plus drinks for clients if it is a "pint and a punch up" event. Having one of their staff on the card takes it a little bit beyond the level of interest you might normally get for a white collar show.
  4. You started boxing two months ago. You are invited to a big white collar boxing night.

    You are a Christian to the Roman lion, and will get your head kicked-in.

    Unless your sponsor is bandaid, I doubt they'll be very happy with the outcome.
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  5. I approached my employer and another company and was very surprised when they both said yes, there are normally a few hoops you have to jump through publicity wise, such as logos on kit and pieces for websites etc. Also keep them updated of any progress you are making as well.

    Keep your aspirations small, a few hundred quid and most will be happy. Start asking for thousands for training camps etc. and you will get a short sharp answer. Also have a list and approximate cost of what you wish to buy, as this allows them to see you are serious about it. Above all if you don't ask you will never know, most companies are happy to sponsor local people for good publicity but also it can be used against tax right offs.
  6. First off, well done for getting good at it so quickly. As for the company's motives, you are not being cynical, just realistic. They will want to know what they can get out of sponsoring you for the lowest cost. Decent gloves, gown, shorts etc with company logo, towels, other kit can be written off as advertising/marketing, maybe give you time off to train and paying for membership of a boxing gym and trainer's fees. You could even try and get them to take a table at the event for other employees - nothing like having some fans concentrated in one place.
    Don't regard sponsorship as a way make up for not having had a bonus for five years as that's a separate matter, but as a way of getting them to pay for something you enjoy and are good at.
    Good luck.

    looks like all the other advice was posted while i was still writing mine!
  7. Haha I did wonder about that! But I dont think my trainer would have entered me if he thought id get dicked, as that would make his gym look just a little bit shit.

    Cheers for the advice though, **** ;-)
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  8. Good luck to you and remember to get the sponsors names on the soles of the boots ;P
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