Sponsors' Links Not Working

Is there a problem with the links to the sponsors' sites?

NAAFI Financial and XC3 both work fine for me, but all of the others come up with page not found? :?

I may have got something wrong, but it seems odd that two work and the rest don't?
All seem to work okay to me - are you still having a problem?
Yep - still the same problem for me. Two work fine, the rest don't???????

Exactly the same problem if I use Internet Explorer, Avant Browser or Mozilla Firefox. Although in Mozilla it tells me that it is "unable to contact tracker.tradedoubler.com"
They all work for me - Mac running Safari - but, funnily enough, all load into a new window, with the exception of NAAFI which replaces (in only the very smallest of senses, naturally!) ARRSE

Seems like a fairly isolated problem?
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