Sponsored Walks in Aid of SSAFA

I'm an ex-Army brat, and have planned some sponsored walks in aid of SSAFA. The first walk is to take place on the 21st of August (this coming Saturday), and is a 20 mile road walk from Sheffield to Doncaster. This is the first, and easiest of three events I have coming up, the final event will be a 5 day hike, walking 15 miles a day, kipping out each night along the route.

I chose SSAFA because we lost my dad while he was a serving soldier in the early 80's, and we received some help from SSAFA. They do a brilliant job, so they were the first choice of charity for these events. If anyone would like to sponsor me for the first event, they can do so at: stuartpb's page : Sheffield to Doncaster Walkathon. You can also track my progress on Saturday, as I am using GPS to plot my route on a website I have set up at: Fundraising For SSAFA

I'm also looking for participants for the 5 day event I am completing (will be taking place in the late spring of 2011), so if you would like to get involved, and help raise some much needed funds for SSAFA, then reply here or drop me an email at stuart@supportourforces.org.


Back home now, aching like a good un. First 12 miles were good, then ended up with several blisters on both feet, which slowed me down a lot. Done the 20 mile in about 8hrs, so not totally shabby. Got to the finish mark eventually, worked hard but buzzing I have finished it. Lazy day for tomorrow and Monday, then back out training for the next event:)

Someone sponsored me for £100 on the SSAFA website, but went anonymous, so if it is anyone here, I really appreciate that a lot, it was a brilliant gesture!


Very well done son. That beer sure is gonna taste mighty good tonight......
Cheers, and that beer last night was probably the best beer I have had in a while:) Treated myself to a good ruby murray too.

Bit sore today, and walking like John Wayne. Start back training for next challenge on Tuesday, steady 10 mile hike.
Back training now for the next walk, I'm doing a 2 week cycle at the mo, with week 1 being 3x10 mile walks, and week 2 with 3x10 mile and 2x15 mile walks. I'm wanting to be able to manage 15 miles + per day over 5 days. Not sure if it's enough training, but I have some time till the event so I could get more in if needed. Any tips appreciated.
Yeah...look after your feet at all costs.....keep them dry and fresh...or you'll end up in a shite state...unable to walk far ...just as the weather breaks for the better....like me!.. What's your next goal? Whatever you do, good luck!
I've been getting blisters pretty badly from the +10 mile walks, I reckon it's down to the footwear. Gonna invest in some decent hiking boots in next week or two. I've been rubbing my feet with pure alcohol, as a hiker bloke I know reckons it toughens the skin up nicely. I've been making sure the feet have had plenty of air between walks, and take some spare dry socks on the longer walks, to change into if needed.

I'm still on the drawing board with the next goal at the mo. I wanted to do a 31 mile, 2 day walk, kipping out for the night in the late winter/early spring, before the 5 day walk next year. Not sure it has the potential for me to raise decent sponsorship amounts though. I'm going to start knocking on doors of local businesses etc. to try and drum up sponsorship for the next 2 walks. I want to push myself hard on whatever I do, but still be able to complete the task. I might try and do the 31 miles within a time limit or something. Thanks for the good luck too!

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