Sponsored Reserve medical Discharge.

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by doctorlector, Apr 10, 2013.

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  1. Hi all,

    I have just joined the site but I have been using it for information for quite a while. I wanted to join so that I can share any information I have to help anyone who may need it.

    I was a regular for three years with Op Granby, Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan under my belt but my last stint was ten years as a Sponsored Reserve for FTX Logistics Ltd.
    In January 2012 I was medically discharged with PTSD and depression which was diagnosed in March 2008. I have had an absolute nightmare time throughout my discharge process and it is still ongoing but I have gained a lot of information along the way.

    I was lied to by both the Army and FTX throughout my treatment in the lead up to being discharged. My FTX contract stated that I "would be treated as a regular soldier" which up until the point of discharge I pretty much was. I had the usual crap about not having any information about pensions and resettlement etc before my discharge date with the added bonus of no one having a clue how my pension would be calculated as I wasn't paid by the Army. FTX just said that whatever the Army decided that was what I would get.

    When I was finally discharged and de-kitted (it took me several weeks of phone calls and letters to finally get off the JPAC system) and lost my £25,500 pa job, I was told by the army that as I was a Sponsored Reserve, I don't qualify for a pension and I don't qualify for resettlement! When I asked what I was supposed to do for money now I was told to sign on!! Obviously I approached FTX who just gave me any remaining holiday pay and when I asked them it they thought it was fair that I lose my job and get nothing they actually said "life's not fair!" Eventually they said they could no longer discuss my situation and they referred me to their "customer" at Abbey Wood. (the "customer" referred me to the Army Personnel Centre who in turn told me I needed to talk to FTX!!!)

    When I was first admitted for treatment I was given loads of forms to fill out, one of which was an AFCS claim form, I queried this at the time because I hadn't been diagnosed with anything at this point and I was told not to worry it could be changed at a later date. Within a few weeks I received a level 13 £5775 award (upgraded to £6000 after the Lord Boyce review) which was very welcome at the time but again I queried it as again it said it was full and final. Again, I was told not to worry.
    Four years later, after my discharge, I contacted the AFCS and was told again that the initial payment was full and final (even though level 13 only covers up to a period of 2 years) I challenged this and after a lot of complaining, I was told to submit a Service Termination Review, I was eventually awarded a further £4000 as an "interim" payment which takes me to a level 12 tariff. I have queried why I have been given an interim award and very recently, after letters from my GP, they are currently re-assessing my claim. Also, after being told I would automatically be considered for a War Pension but finding out that I wasn't I now have a War Pension claim in progress.

    In the last five years, I have spent a fortune on phone calls, I've written hundreds of letters and emails (all logged) and re-submitted countless forms after just about every military department has lost my files on several occasions. I have been blatantly lied to (I was once given a new contact number by SPVA and spent a week trying to get through only to find out it was the number for Blackpool Pleasure Beach!!!) I have even written to the Prime Minister (I got the reply today actually...they referred my letter to the MoD, that'll go nowhere then!) The stress of the last five years has resulted in the break up of my seven year relationship, trouble with the law (fighting) and I am now over £17000 in debt and I'm getting near to losing my house. I'm on Citalopram, morphine and Zopiclone and don't recognise myself any more! I am disgusted by the attitude of FTX and I'm ashamed of the Army Medical Discharge Process.

    I am still awaiting the out come of all of this and will keep you all posted. I would urge any Sponsored Reserve to get conformation of EXACTLY what will happen if you are injured or killed while in green kit. Check your contracts carefully and get anything you are not sure about clarified in writing (DO IT NOW!). In my experience there has been a huge oversight in the drawing up of this Government PFI contract with FTX and the regulations for medical invaliding procedures of Sponsored Reserves are incomplete, vague and pretty much non existent!

    Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions or concerns.

    Take care guys

  2. I don't want to appear unsympathetic, but you did realise when you joined FTX that you were also joining the TA? And that the TA doesn't do resettlement or pensions?

    When mobilised, you'd be treated as a Regular soldier (less the accrual of post-soldiering entitlements) but on demob, you'd revert to TA conditions.

    Another feature of being in the Sponsored Reserve is that it's tied to the civvy job. Subject to the wording of your contract, you could find that your employment is dependent on you remaining as a Sponsored Reserve. This has potentially major implications - troop reductions, chronic illness, long-term injury, age and so on wouldn't just chuck you out of the TA but could also end up with you losing your job. The TA's upper age limit (non-commissioned) may well be 55 but if the age limit for deployment is 50, that could cut short the civvy career of a Sponsored Reservist.

    With regard to your PTSD, did it result from your Regular service, in which case FTX have no involvement and any compensation/pension will be solely the business of the MoD? Or was it from a period of mobilisation? If the latter, it would make an interesting legal case as to who owed you a duty, MoD or FTX or both.

    What you really need is a solicitor, not ARRSE advice, because I suspect that your contract with FTX will need close scrutiny to see if you're entitled to any benefits from them.


    The Reserve Forces Act 1996 omits any direct reference to "Sponsored Reserve", substituting "special member" instead. http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1996/14/pdfs/ukpga_19960014_en.pdf

    JSP 516 offers a clearer but less detailed explanation of RFA96. http://www.sabre.mod.uk/Reservists/~/media/Files/PDFs/The%20Reserve%20Forces%20Act%201996_2008%20edition.ashx
  3. I fail to see how the Army has treated you badly.

    You should consider yourself lucky that you have received some payment when soldiers out tree are struggling to get paid their full dues for life changing physical injuries.
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  4. What and PTSD isnt life changing then?
  5. Yes obviously I was well aware of having to join the TA, only being able to stay in the Sponsored Reserve until 55 and that my Civvy and Military contracts were linked! but my FTX contract states:

    "If you are injured or killed whilst working as a Sponsored Reserve you will be entitled to the same compensation payments as a REGULAR soldier".

    "You will be entitled to the same assistance to help with PTSD as a soldier in the REGULAR army!.

    My illness was diagnosed as attributable to my service in 2007 (mobilised by FTX) and 1991 (Regular Soldier) so I was referred to both AFCS and WPS.

    I have talked to solicitors but no one seems to want to get involved.
  6. The Army haven't lied to you, FTX may have done OR you haven't fully understood the terms of your employment.
  7. Only if you let it. Limbs haven't started to grow back by their own accord yet.

    Where I appreciate that there are genuine sufferers out there, that may experience long term effects, due to scenarios they were involved in and consequently deserve the best help.

    There are also weak ******* individuals, who have seen nothing more traumatic than the average person sees on their TV screen. These ***** are those life's 'victims' for whom everything is shit and life is crap, if they one the lottery they would find a negative. In short they enjoy misery. They need to look inward, man up and **** off from wasting valuable resources.

    There are those that have poor social attributes, drunks, thugs and smack heads, who use the excuse of PTSD to victimise and evoke pity for usually unacceptable behaviour.

    Then there are those attention seeking ******* who see a quick buck to be made and a lifetime of support, designed for those really need it, these blood sucking whores have no morals.

    So if you think you've got PTSD because your cat died or your wife left you then think again Cunto thats just ******* life and you'll garner no sympathy from me.

    However if you've seen your best mate slotted beside you and can't shake that image then you have every sympathy you deserve and hopefully the support you require.
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  8. I'm guessing you've never had mental problems as your comment represents perfectly the attitude of 75% of the military!! If you can't see it, it's bollocks!!

    Do you know how f**king ridiculous I feel sometimes because I'm envious of someone poor sod who lost an arm or a leg! I think to myself, I wish I'd lost a leg, then at least people would see that I'm damaged, at least then I could hold my head high and not feel a complete failure, at least then I could look fellow servicemen in the eye and get respect instead of derision for being weak or suspicion of working the system. I know it's stupid and I don't REALLY wish I'd lost a limb and I can't for one minute imagine just how bad it must REALLY feel to be physically maimed for life and I wouldn't be so ignorant as to comment on something I know nothing about. I served my country in four conflicts and I didn't seek help when I probably should have partly because I was too proud and stupid to admit there was anything wrong at the time and partly because of attitudes like yours that make mental problems seem like a weakness. Well I'm proud to stand up and say I have PTSD because I got it working bloody hard and doing my bit in some horrible places but unfortunately it has resulted in me being permanently damaged, and that damage has wreaked havoc with my life taking away my most precious things, my partner, my relationship with my children, my health, my job, my integrity and my zest for life not to mention my ex partners, my children's and my own savings and I'm now getting very close to losing my house. So please don't insinuate that mental injury's and illnesses are not life changing.

    The army has a duty of care and it advised me throughout my treatment and guided me towards medical discharge promising me that I would be entitled to a pension and resettlement training and that I would be given the best care. In reality the Army tried to fob me off with the minimum it could, a few weeks after seeking help and before I was even diagnosed, four years later they discharged me and took away my job and left me with nothing to live on but our meagre savings which lasted about three months. I had to spend three months contacting JPAC and my unit just to get discharged properly because the unit admin didn't have a clue what they were doing. I've spent over a year phoning, emailing, writing and begging to get them to review my case. They've lost my files three times, they've lied to me and they've made me feel like a lowlife benefits scrounger and I still have no end in sight. I have done ALL of the work to get to the point I am at with my claim today, if I hadn't the army would have had nothing to do with me from my day of discharge.

    I think you fail to see because you are looking at it from the other end my friend!!
  9. You should check who you are speaking to, before you are telling them how envious you are!

    He wasn't saying you are a malingering ****, he was saying some people are. From what you have said you are suffering greatly, and you have my most sincere condolences for that. And you probably are due a bigger payout, but clearly the money isn't going to fix you.

    i really don't mean this in a dickish way, but you should probably concentrate and put all your energy into getting help with your PTSD, long term it will be a better investment than chasing the mod for a few grand.
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  10. The tone of your post suggests that you're blaming everybody but yourself for your problems. Whatever your issues, the breakup of your relationship and your criminal violence are your own doing. That probably goes for your debt also.

    Point being: Everybody fucks up, but if you want help, a good first step would be to take responsibility for yourself, drop the victim mentality and lay off the self pity.
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  11. How many soldiers do think get medially discharged for PTSD from the army by professional psychiatrists because "their cat died or their wife left them" as you put it. So much investigation goes into finding and discussing the incidents that have lead to PTS during the treatment process, there are so many professionals you have to speak to and many horrific drug trials you have to go through before you are even considered for medical discharge. No one "lets" PTSD ruin their life, in fact the more you try to ignore it or deny it the worse it becomes!
  12. If you read my post again, you'll see that I said that I know it's ridiculous and that I am not REALLY envious and that I wouldn't dream of commenting on something I know nothing about. He should also check who he is talking to before he makes spurious comments!

    What he said was in reply to my post which to me felt like he was suggesting I was only after money! It's not about money it's about honesty and loyalty. I was told by the army (not FTX) that I would receive a medical pension and resettlement. If they had told me otherwise I would not be in the situation i am in now. I have been getting help with my PTSD every day for the last (just short of) five years. having to deal with the SPVA and AFCS day in day out is not letting me move on from the army and focus all my attention on trying to get better. My civilian doctor has tried really hard to try and bring this to a close because she has seen how much of a negative affect it is having!
  13. Thanks mate