Sponsored Hitchhike to Latvia

I know this is a long shot with all the charity stuff we have going on at the minute, but I thought I would try anyway. This weekend i will be hitchhiking to Latvia, via berlin for charity, along with another 299 people. We have 7 days to get there and only £15 to spend along the way. The event is in its 3rd year now. Last year we raised over £20,000. This year due to numbers more than doubling we will raise at least £30,000 but we are hoping to raise over £50,000.

The first £20,000 will buy an childrens orphanage in Latvia, 10% will go to Rainforest concern to cover fuel emmissions from the transport we use (very ethical) and the remainder will go to Poppy Appeal. You can check more out about our charities in our website. By clicking the following link you can also sponsor me (hint) and you can track the teams as they go.


jest the pest xxxx

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