Hi. I am busy thinking about joining the British Army.
I was just interested about Sponsors. If someone is to sponsor you what are the requirements for them; must they be relative, of are friends OK or is it acceptable if the person does not know you personally but knows your family very well.
The sponsor doesn't have to be family: it can be family friend or personal friend or whatever. They will receive a form to fill in, asking if they are prepared to sponsor you and a few basic biographical details -- my own sponsor was someone I had minimal personal contact with for about 6 years, though our respective families kept in touch. They will also be asked if they are prepared to support you financially during the application process -- whether or not you actually require this support, do let them know that they will be asked about this so they are not put on the spot (they don't actually have to support you, and nor do you even have to stay with them).

Essentially, they will act as an initial contact point for you upon arriving in the UK...speaking from experience, it took me a while to find semi-permanent accommodation while the months-long application process went through, and having the sponsor's postal address etc. helped with getting established with bank accounts and so on in the interim. The proposed UK address you give will determine which careers office you are sent to (unless all Commonwealth work is centralised in the Strand these days).

Be warned: applying from South Africa is not as easy as it is made out to be in the paperwork you are sent. Unlike, e.g. Fiji, where selection takes place in the home country and you are shipped almost straight into training, the forms they send you in SA are the equivalent of the initial ones you get upon walking into a careers office here in the UK, with the addition of the RG-8 medical screening form to let the complete biffs know that they need not bother wasting money on coming over (similarly if you have a swastika tattooed on your forehead or are freshly out of prison for serial acts of buggery on minors, though if the latter is a problem, I hear the Navy are recruiting as well).

Once in the UK, be prepared for the careers office to lose your forms, get you to fill in new ones, find the old ones, call you in for interviews, give you a BARB test (search the forums for that -- the short advice being don't worry as your post here looks literate), lose your forms again, call you in for another interview, book you onto a selection weekend (again, search the forums, but turn up with the right mental attitude and a reasonable level of fitness and you'll be fine), and finally load you onto an intake at a training unit (depending on your choice of arm). Expect a delay of several weeks in between each of these stages.

That being said, it is all worth it in the end, as long as you are sure it is what you want to do.

Hope the above helps a little.

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