As a Regular with some involvement with Cadet issues I would be interested in getting a view from serving ACF officers/instructors on how much use regular/TA sponsor units are to detachments. Do detachment commanders actively seek engagement with sponsor units and if so is their support useful?
Regimental recruiting team visit when they are in the area, as does our affiliated Careers SGT once a month.
The regiment is keen to get on with its sponsored cadet units as we send them many new recruits. They also invite us over to Germany and certain camps around the country to use facilites of the said regiment, trg wings, simulators etc

As my detachment is in a TA centre i have forged links, we are yet to train as we are resticted by CHQ what we can do but they are also keen enough.



Troop - TY. Check PM.
One of the Detachments in my company had great links with their parent regiment. 25 of us got to go to Cyprus for 8 days to visit the Resident Infantry Battalion. Great support and a great trip for the cadets.

The Detachment Commander was very pro-active in forging links with the regiment. He made the effort and was rewarded every step of the way.

Two other pro-active Detachment Commanders have done the same with there TA sponsor unit and go away with them every month.

However less pro-active Detachment Commanders do nothing but moan about support. The message is, if the local unit don't help go to the RHQ. You have to ask and put yourself out to get the support, but it is well worth it for the cadets.
We also get regular visits from our local affiliated recruiter and the RRO visits at least once a year, more often if we ask. Additionally RHQ are helpful, mostly for instroductions when we lack personal contacts.

In my case I am also doing some work for RHQ as I know people there from my regular service and they are keen on doing more for affiliated cadets generally. I'd be happy to tell you more about that if you PM me and I can identify who you are.

Quite concerned at the rumour that RRT's are going as this may have a negative impact, since most of our support is arranged through them at present.

Like Freddie says, you have to be proactive, but it pays off in my experience.
we get nothing from our sponsor unit as we are nowhere near them and they already have a cadet unit in the same ta center as them, who are bigger than us and the relationship has been going a long time, which is fine. all links however strong are good.
I don't want to get into the whole cap badge thing, which has been covered in very tiresome detail in numerous threads, but I do believe the link is extremely useful getting and retaining cadets - a reality check, specially when sponsor units go on ops. I think it works for the unit too, in getting recruits with local affiliations (or aren't recruits allowed to choose any more? Please excuse my ignorance on this). We do feel part of the regimental family, and at some Remembrance Day parades in remoter parts are the only green presence.

Speaking as an AI who has never served, it certainly helps to keep my interest up during the long boring bits to know that we are linked to a regiment.

As far as active links and contact goes, you have to work at it but it is fantastic when it comes right. The ACF would be poorer without these links. I can't speak for the Regs/TA but I suspect that they too would be tiny bit poorer.

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