Spokespersonning (Heh!) - For Moods and Dozy and cashbar

Discussion in 'Campaigns' started by PartTimePongo, Jul 23, 2007.

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  1. Can either of you contact this woman, give her details of how the petition came into being, mention the Arrse thread and the depth of feeling etc.

    As regards mentioning SSAFA's position, please keep it to a Vanilla "SSAFA does great works etc"

    Athol is now a member of this group , so it is important he tells us exactly what he wants said about SSAFA prior to any contact with the media.

  2. Sorry, still getting used to this forum. I've posted a media update on the 'Paging PTP' sub forum.

    Very happy to assist with any lines to take although I think that most of this team is probably pretty much on line already. Obviously, if anyone needs an official line from SSAFA, only we can provide that.

    Give me a shout if you need anything else from us at this stage
  3. Hi Cashbar.

    Can we have an 'official' statement from SSAFA please. No more than 3 lines , for inclusion in any release that goes out?
  4. Sorry to pass the buck, but Dozy can you handle this as I am really swamped here. Work has gone manic so am battling just to get logistics info sorted out!

    Sorry :(
  5. Oh fffffuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk yes, I'll get onto her - it's all kicked off here too, so I'll be limited on what I can do from the office, but I'll do what I can.
  6. Dozy I am working through my lunchbreak so if you want I can call her then.
  7. OK, her email address is sally.nancarrow@bbc.co.uk and I've told her that I'll email her the story tonight, so do we have a press-pack statement or shall I cobble something together? She sounds very keen to run with the story...
  8. Working on presspack continues apace. Having to be away this weekend has been a pain in the arrse. That and the local flooding dramas so having to shadow on casework :(

    Will notify when first plan is ready.

    I have just spoken to the Chairman of Ashtead RBL. He is bringing bods down to help on Friday and Saturday.

    He will call me later with a head count.
  10. oops wrong thread, sorry
  11. Sorry for the delay in reply

    Sure - but do you want a statement on 1. What SSAFA is trying to do or 2. How we feel about the opposition to the proposal or 3. How we feel about the ARRSE campaign?

    I can do all three if you wish
  12. If you do all three, we can "buffet" as we need. :)
  13. 1

    SSAFA Forces Help wants to create a small residential facility near to Headley Court for the families of servicemen and women recovering from injuries at the Defence Rehabilitation Centre. Our vision is simply to enable the close relatives of the badly injured to stay close to their loved ones.

    Many of the patients at Headley Court are young people who have suffered serious injuries as a result of operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. They receive an incredibly high standard of care but it is vital that their families too are supported at this very difficult time. Unfortunately, there are inadequate facilities for families to stay close by. We must change that situation as soon as possible.


    SSAFA Forces Help is very disappointed that a number of local residents appear to be opposed to its efforts to assist the families of badly injured servicemen and women, (through the creation of a small residential facility near to Headley Court). Such opposition not only saddens us but also sends a very unfortunate message to members of Britain’s Armed Forces, currently risking their lives on a daily basis on overseas operations.


    SSAFA Forces Help passionately believes that all soldiers and their families should expect to be valued and respected. We are enormously grateful to the very many people who share that belief and have recently expressed their strong support for the project (to create a small residential facility near to Headley Court).

    NB: Bracketed bits are there if needed for context with stand alone quotes
  14. Interesting point by Hydra Joe re spokesman on the night. Can We get Captain Norton GC to be the spokesperson? Can he do it? In conjunction with Pun VC's read statement , and Sue Norton standing proudly beside her husband?

    Just got a mental picture going at the moment.
  15. PM sent to HydraJoe.

    Will update accordingly.

    Dale the Snail has volunteered to help - any thoughts on this, as I have met her in person and at times can be a right social hangrenade.

    I know it rich coming from the gobbiest cow on the site, but i;m different in real life and she tends not to be.

    I just want to run it by you all before I reply. Would hate to say yes and then end up with a half pi ssed female squaddie calling Ashtead residents cnuts.