Spoilt brat or di**head father.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Speedy, Aug 22, 2005.

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  1. Put the little tw@ in the local comp, spend the £7,500 on beer women and curry. Fool. All they learn at those schools is floppy haircuts and pushing back anyway, just look at all the officers.
  2. WTF is he still doing there is he has been caught 400 times?
    Either he's incredibly stupid, in which case he should be working for a living,
    he's an obnoxious tw@t, in which case carry on,
    or dear old auntie beeb has got the wrong end of the stick again!
  3. £22,000 per year plus about potentially £100,000 if he loses after a few days trial. This man has more money than sence. I saw him on the local BBC news tonight with his tosspot of a son behind his smirking away. Send the little tw@t to a local comp. I'm sure the chavs need a new plaything
  4. What a crock of crap, i have known people to be expelled for doing just one or two things from a comp school ( ok on was nicking the headmasters car, and the other was torching the science block) But what right does the kid have to stay at that school if he going to be a disruptance for others, and for the lesson.

    Push the little oik out into a naafi spar shop and lets see him mess things up then, by back chatting, or as a egg op.

    I never thought i would say this, but his kind makes the chavs seem like alright people
  5. Neo

    Neo Clanker

    We see where your education came from then!!! I sent my eldest to a very 'posh' school thanks to the coffers of the British Army, he is not and never has been a 'toff/ponce/posh'. The local school was full of characters from lets say 'undesirable' back grounds like mine so we looked into bettering his chances if he wanted to. He chose to go there and got 12 GCSE's (1 in Ltin in his spare time), then did a few A levels too. The point is a fair one, though, money does talk here and they should have kicked him out earlier but with so many tree huggers around and also knowing the typoe of school we are dealing with I can well believe it. My son's Headmaster was not a teacher but a business guru!!!!!!!! He was put there to make money and that is what he did, very well. Anyway give the spotty feckin oik a chance to get his results through and then pack him off to Macdonalds/Burger King and teach him to say 'Large or Supersize'. By the way I bet he doesn't even have a good forward defensive stroke, money down the drain I say!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tally Bally Ho.... :oops:
  6. Both. When I read it last night I spat teeth with anger. Those spoilt little pieces of sh*t from nouveau riche parents without the class to back up the money should be chucked into the national education system without any help whatsoever and then watch them try to struggle and get through their education without daddy's money, ending up like most of our students with appr £20000 debts before they even start working. Pah!
  7. I've a sneaking suspicion that daddy wants the school to bring up his child and any amount of money will achieve this.
  8. 400 cases of disciplinery action?

    And he is complaining.

    Face it daddykins, the school is exclusive and can pick and choose. They don't want your son, because he is a pillock, send him to another school.

    My Mrs went a private school with all sorts of mad rules, they had to kneel down to check the length of the their dress and their heels etc.

    She did 7 years there and didn't pick up that many points.

    If he has picked up that many points it shows that he can not adapt and bucks the system.

    Basically he is a plonker.
  9. I went to the school in question and I can't think of one person in my year who got even a quater of this tw@'s 400 "chits" (minor disciplinary charges) in 5 years let alone 3 and it was far more leniant back then. I can see the father's point about the school trying to boost it's ranking but, at the end of the day, why would anyone send their kids there if it wasn't trying to improve itself.

    Bring back borstal and throw this steaming little pile of shite there!
  10. I saw the sloaney tw*t on telly last night, smirking with his uttery fcuking ridiculous haircut.

    Then I started, almost, to feel sorry for him. It's his father's fault. Dad is a complete chopper; too much money, silly haircut, no idea whatsoever of what his parental responsibilities are (etc). He's turned his son into this utter arrse who thinks that he can do no wrong and that the school is picking on him (the constant refrain of the recidivist).

    I went to uni with a lot of these kids; I never thought that coming from a sink comprehensive I'd feel sorry for people from Stowe and Marlborough and Ampleforth, but in the end I did. Insecure, nervy, arrogant softies totally imprisoned in the bosomy embrace of the Sloane Ranger social circuit and never mixing with anybody who wasn't exactly like them.

    No wonder so many of them ended up in drugs rehab, Thai monasteries, Brixton crack-dens and the Green Jackets.

  11. Thanks, Veg!! 8O :lol:
  12. So did you go to Stowe, Marlborough or Ampleforth? :D
  13. There were tw@ts like this at my school - parents just couldn't understand what the problem was. "I used to do that too when I was here" is a common refrain.

    My guess is that this tw@t was also engaging in an awful lot of low-level bullying, making the lives of many other students hell.
  14. Mrs CS would totally agree with you V, there's plenty of them in Marlborough.

    Under age drinking is a common one. Mrs CS confiscated a load of booze from a group of floppy haired school kids to much abuse, and comments like "wait till a tell my dad you lot a picking on us" etc etc.

    To which Mrs CS replied "OK, here's my number, get your dad to call me".

    When said father did call, Mrs CS explained that, in her short time at Marlborough, his son was the only child she knew by name. Child subsequently grounded indefinitely.

    So it may be that the father is the victim of a one sided story provided by his son. Once he hears the full facts of his son's misdemeanours in court, it may change his view of his nearest and dearest.