There's a letter in Sixth Sense this week from an interfering busy body that wants the late night porn taken of our local cable.

Thankfully the response was the "given". If you dont like it dont watch it.

This raises two questions for me.

1. Why do these people feel that they have to decide what I am able to watch in the comfort of my own stained sofa.

2. Why can censors in the UK not adopt such a positive attitude and agree that You watch what you want to and turn off when you want to, therefore allowing decent programming at home.
...or indecent programming at home, even. Main reason I suspect is that not only adults would tune in, and anything that smacks (sic) of being naughty is instantly banned. Unless you pay to view of course


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For the same reason that these busybodies believe they have the God-given right to decide and control what we eat, drink or do to our bodies with tobacco.
A further means of controlling the proletariat. Soon we will be only watching documentaries of tractor production accompanied by stirring martial music.
Did you see that new Massey-Ferguson, in red...what a beauty!!
Last Sunday at 3 in the afternoon I sat and watched a new programme from HBO called "Tell me you love me." Now that is quality daytime viewing. However had I been disturbed by the almost hardcore content (or if she had caught me watching it) I could quite easily have switched over.
Stay strong do not give in.....sex is for the weak, I would rather poke my eyes out than watch filth!

Aye right!
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