Splitting up; what will She get?

I've had enough of Ms. Evil, house in joint names, not married but two daughters aged 15 and 12.

She seems to think that she might get all the house sale proceeds - I am potless right now, having just been sacked so not a lot of £ coming in.

She seems to assume that I will pay her mortgage or she will be able to stay in the home while I rent / buy (= fat chance, as I've been sacked. ) She paid some of the deposit ( maybe all 5% ) so thinks she's entitled to >50% of the sale proceeds if we sell. I'd guess the equity is some £100k.

I've been paying the mortgage and just about every bill for years, and to coin a euphamism we have not lived as husband and wife for many years.

Whats the bobby?


At last! That chance to go to the sandpit BB.

Seriously though, you're better off having a "reconciliation" with the bitch until the girls have finished their education or you will get raped financially.


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Get a brief. be open and honest, and if they're up to snuff, you should be ok. I think that she's living in a world of her own - but check with a brief.
Try and sort out paying for your kids as a private agreement if she goes to the CSA you'll be paying 15% of your salary on the forst kid and a bit less for the second. Have a look on here
Alternatively, just murder the bitch and bury her in a shallow grave..
Until the sprogs are past school age I think you're shagged. Buy a Taser and zap her on "burnt to a crisp" setting.
The best bit is when her new young lover moves into your house while you are denied access to your own children and keep paying for it all.
The Bitch Queen from Hades saw a solicitor today, and did not look happy when she came in. Most Excellent.

I am expecting to pay some 20% of my income to look after the nippers; not a problem with this but I'm really loath to move out and let her stay in BB Towers while I get some hovel somewhere. She did say she'd rather live in a Barrett Box than with me, but the realities of money seem to have hit home - I've been telling her that the mortgage alone costs some £1200 per month, which is more than she takes home in a month.

The CAB seem to have told her that I have to pay for the girls to be accomodated; I pointed out to her that this conveniently ignores the fact that I might not actually be earning anything...
No parental rights, already aware of that shuffler but thanks for the heads-up anyway.
Do not move out of the house! If you do so it'll bee seen as you've given up the marital home and she can live there Ex tried that one on me until I pointed out I had no money and no relatives near by to put me up.

Also are you in the position to have your kids stay with you 50% of the time once she moves out? If so you will not have to pay CSA even if you can have them stop over 57 nights a year this will also reduce your payments
Joint ownership and not married - 50% of the proceeds of the house each, 20% of your Earnings to CSA minus shared care discounts.

Time to go self employed or become a director of your own company!
Go to your local CAB and get advise. This is not great, but once you are on their books for this, they cannot offer her advice - conflict of interests; well that's what they told me in January this year.

If you were married, definately get a 'Clean Break Agreement'. Not sure if this works with 'just' living together. This stops her coming back for more of your monies and pension once your curcumstances improve; this includes even if she [re]marries!

Get reputable advice, not what we all say! :wink:
Aaargh I also own a lie to bet flat; worth mayve 145k, 110 outstanding; its too small for me to live in - the garage looks like a CQMS store - and it brings in an income of some £450 pm at the mo. No doubt she'll try to get me to live there ( no wucking fay. )
Bang straight to a solicitor, their first action will be to pull the calculator out and tot up the situation. Took my sister to one for a free 45 minute first appointment very very useful

On the positive side if you have feck all money they can't take it off you

On the negative side you will get your ass raped as the the geezer generally takes the financial load

Good luck finding a deeply cynical, hard nosed solicitor with a dirty great misogynistic streak...
Don't move out....oh and if you use an auto pistol on her pick up all the empty cases, change the barrel, firing pin, extractor, ejector, magazine and file the breech face...so I've been told.
Another top bit of advice is, don't go to status RED on her arse.

keep it civil for as long as possible, this will confuse her and allow you to explore options and not set her off on a psycho women scorned episode, which will turn into a scorched earth, no dirty tricks is too much policy. SHe holds most the cards, play stupid with your few good cards close to your chest


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