Splitting the bill

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by InspectorDiver, Nov 24, 2009.

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  1. Hmm, It might just be me and the new girlfriend's mates but what is the deal with this? They seemed to order the most expensive things on the menu and were drinking bubbly like it was going out of fashion.

    I had beer and a pizza and some more beer for desert.

    Then he pipes up with "shall we split the bill"...


    Is it just me who gets wound up by this?
  2. Tight Cnut :wink:
  3. are you scottish?
  4. Yes I am.
  5. I imagine thats why he's still going out with the girl.

    Hat, coat, etc.
  7. next time you're out go into a beer frenzy and drink for effect.....that'll teach them!
  8. No, I'm normal.
  9. Thats odd - its usually the girlys who get the calculators out and work out who owes what.

    Just pick the tab up to impress said new GF then quietly fill the Friend in at a later occasion
  10. If you clarify at the start that you will be splitting the bill at the next meal then go on to get so pissed you grand slam in the bar. Leaving them to pick up half the tab for cleaning up your shite :)
  11. GobshIte :D
  12. Splitting the bill implies a friendship or trust...I wouldnt ever split a Restaurant bill with people I didnt know well.... you either pay the bill in full (if its a date or inlaws etc) or every one pays their own....

    *sorry luv, it doesnt normally happen*

    Ill get my coat
  14. Depends really. If you're happy to be slightly out of pocket with people you know, fine. I'd be happy with that. However, if it's say her workmates and partners and they're downing the stuff big time, refuse to get the credit card or wad out, tell your partner to pay this time then when you get her in the bedroom, demand payment in kind. If she refuses to do the business, then fukk her anyway and get a new model with less expensive friends. Problem solved. :p
  15. At the risk of sounding like Mr Logic, creating a "diner's dillema" situation makes it rational to consume more, and more expensive, stuff than you would on your own because you get all the benefit but 1/12th (or whatever) of the cost, but of course either everyone does this - which is like you went out on your own and ate a meal you didn't want at that price - or others don't, in which case you shaft them.

    The idea that this kind of rationality indicates a defective personality - "Hey we're friends, we don't operate like that" is only ever articulated by selfish c*nts who only ever operate like that. I've seen a lot more integrity from "Friendless right-wing wankers" than I've ever seen from the self-proclaimed "people persons".

    I remember a few months ago someone on this board related a tale of a certain huggy-wuggy television personality, his name being an anagram of "Go W*nk" :lol: , revolving around ordering food when without means, and I thought, "Awfully plausible. Fits with everything I've ever seen".