Splitting ACF and OTC Forums into two?

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by vespa, Apr 1, 2004.

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  1. i for one would like to have the Forums separated.
  2. I'd like to see the forums seperate too. Then we'll see who's got the most time to spare and which of the two wobbles on about the most 'mice & triv'.

    By seperate, I do of course mean 'REALLY' seperate. Like away from ARRSE and on a Schools forum or something. :roll:
  3. Ohferchrissake....

    Has this not already been done to a well deserved death?

    Neither of you are serious organisations, neither of you can really claim to be a component in the Field Army, neither do tours, neither are part time, neither are made up of adults in any meaningful sense - the similarities outweigh the negligible differences. And don't start bleating about Reggie Nos, different gats, blah blah blah blah ad infinitum.

    Vespa, if you had your own forum then it would be nothing less than tantamount to an admission that you are in essence a strawberry mivvy youth organisation, which is perhaps your greatest fear. Be grateful that you have someone's shirt tails, (albeit the unironed, gipping student ethnic gap year shirts of the OTC) to hang on to.
  4. Apologies, standing by for extras, 'BOTH are part time.' Bleurgh. Standards.
  5. Without trying to re-light the veritable powderkeg that erupted the last time.

    This has been already debated, albeit to great length on numerous occasions:
    11th March 2004

    12th March 2004
    I understand the ACF Instructors need a presence on here so why not try creating a thread. The moderators would no doubt remove any malicious posts from your threads. Give it a shot.... otherwise PM either the forum mods (who I quoted above).

    Good Luck.
  6. vespa did i not read you correctly when (while moaning about the OTC i might add) that you were the only ACF person left, would that not make for some (evn more than OTC) boring forum.

    Anyhoo the MOD refused to seperate when the OTC wanted to ditch the ACF so I cant really see then doing it now,

    Cheekys right just start an acf thread and see what happens
  7. im begining to see that many ACF instructors have left as Maninblack mentioned in another thread,
    to my knowledge there are probably about 5 left with many regs showing an interest in joining the ACF after serving their time in the forces.
    to be honest a VAST majority of ACF instructors are ADULTS need mature postings and like me i find some of the thread by OTC a bit naive and childish.
    i have just seen Jumblesale baiting MDN, i have better things to do with my time than read all that crap.

    im here mainly to pick up tips and infos and the odd banter/funny stories, in spite of the fact that one member of the forum seemed to take exception to me who i choose to ignore most of the time, as many servicemen usually have a positive attitude toward the ACF otherwise your future soldiers will be in a very short supply!

  8. You cant ignore me and you know it , you little tinker you 8)

    PS... Glad to see your keeping your standard of utter drivel up, do you ever review what you write ?
  9. One day some of your banter/stories will be interesting/amusing. As for future soldiers being in short supply..... they are, and no amount of ACF instructors telling squaddies how things are done in the real world is going to improve the situation.

  10. Steady P P you know how fragile he is , you will upset him now .
  11. If stating the truth will upset him, he's not fit to train youngsters for military service..... or is that the point? He's not fit for military service and has to 'Lord' it over kids to make his life whole?

    Just a thought :wink:
  12. just why do i feel the need to "lord it" over the kids ?
    i would be interested to hear your theories
  13. Well if you either do the service and pass on your experience... or you just pass on your 'experience'..... which is it?
  14. the second part is what ?
    i can understand what you mean by the first part but the second is not so clear cut. please clarify
  15. OH Sh*te P P , now you have confused the poor man :lol: