Splitarse Drivers

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Brew_Time, Feb 17, 2007.

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  1. Is it just me or am not alone in thinking woman drivers are a pain in the fkn Arse.

    Wipers full on when its not raining.
    Indicators on when they're not turning.
    Indicators NOT on when they ARE turning.
    Fog lights on when its not even remotely foggy.
    No acknowledgement when you let them out of a junc or thru a tight gap.

    They are just so fkn inconsiderate.

    BT :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :threaten:
  2. You haven't had it in a while then?

  3. Sounds like typical Dutch motorists - male and female!
  4. Not lately mate - not wiv a arrogant splitarse driver anyway - but I'm working on it.

    BT. :thumright:
  5. Sounds like young drivers to me :lick: in their jumped up little chav mobiles that mummy and daddy pay for
  6. Met one coming around the roundabout the wrong way the other day, although I think it was a FKN FOREIGNER - we're infested with the FCKRS here.

  7. You forgot to mention they can't reverse into parking spaces: drive in and shunt backwards and forwards 3 times, turning the power steering from one lock to the other when stationary. When they leave they back out, unsighted, into passing traffic. You just watch them next time you are down at Tesco's.
    Rant over!
  8. Mrs Finnisharrse has no problems. She drives (we live in a rural area) a hunking great Discovery 3, drags boats out of water, moves trailers full of this and that and enjoys off road driving as well. So there
    's always exceptions.

    And yes, she is a she :) Too good to be true I know though!
  9. Not to mention the inability to go over 30kph.

    Also - breaking 800 meters before a junction

    Stopping at a roundabout despite it being clear

    slowing down to a standstill on a green tfc light

    not reacting to a green tfc light for ion's

    giving way to pedestrians when there is no need to, giving way to anything that moves infront of them,

    Unable to keep up with traffic, which then allows a tractor to pull out and slow her down even more

    Being oblivious to her surroundings and driving fcuking stupid colour cars

    Then there are the Germans.................... Dutch.........Belgians....French.......Ities..........Polaks....Slovaks.....

    Bitter ! not me........................
  10. im sorry to say in the ladieeees defence worse drivers are little old men 60 plus wearing hats...they need to be retested at 60 and then every six months after that cause thay are bl....dy useless.
  11. Why is every driver that just about every driver that sits in the outside lane when there is nothing else around usually a woman? Women and East European/Africans should be banned from Motorways,
  12. Crashed into a chink once coming the wrong way off a roundabout (her not me), it was cut and dried 100% her fault, well i thought until i received a letted from her insurance company stating that it ws not their clients fault as she was not of British origin and did not understand roundabouts. Most shocking thing was that it was the Leicester ring-road so she must have navigated at least 10 roundabouts to get to the one she hit me on.
  13. Bet I could beat you lot hands down at negotiating the Arc de Triomphe at rush hour, and parallel parking. Driving in Paris is thrilling!
  14. The French just drive like all BMW drivers - they all think they own the road.
  15. Why not have fog lights on? Visibility is important.
    And what's this indicating thing? You should KNOW which way their going!
    If God had intended women to park he wouldn't have invented those extra wide bays at tesco.
    Vanity mirrors were designed for the application of make-up, no matter what the speed.
    Traffics lights? You mean those pretty coloured things? They're just for decoration...
    At least women can multitask, talk on their phone whilst going round a roundabout without any regard for rules of the road. True heros!

    As you may have guessed I'm getting it, and often - but being a honda driver I'm normally the one wondering why everyone is going past me going so quickly :) a safe and steady 25mph all the way gets you where you're going and you can enjoy the scenery