Splitarrses in Household Cav?

Question for the donkey wallopers: My girlfriend & I have three horses between us and are both members of an equestrian internet forum. On it, there is a woman (I think) who alludes to being in H Cav and the joys of sitting in the saddle for hours on end on ceremonial duty.

I know there are girls in Kings Tp RHA, but I was always under the impression that H Cav types rotate between ceremonial and operational, and when operational there wouldn't be girlies in the AFVs. So, am I out of date in thinking that there are no girls riding with H Cav or is she a Walt?

Any answers gratefuly received. :)
The only way in which it would be possible for her to perform mounted ceremonial duties as part of the Mounted Regiment is to be in the Household Cavalry Bands, where women are permitted.

In which case she isn't really part of the Regiment, as it's just a posting and these are the only ways in for females, ie. as Veterinary Officer, etc.

The other alternative is that she serves with those monstrous charlatans, the King's Troop, RHA. During August whilst the Mounted Regiment as on Summer Camp, they take over the mounting of the Queen's Life Guard at Horse Guards.
They had a female AGC RAO at Combermere recently................although she wouldn't have gone out on ceremonials


War Hero
And female vets I believe, Lady Doc's as well who do ride on parade, who can forget Vanessa the undressa!
Now that's an oft-repeated question in our Mess.
I guessed the individual's sex by the very girly name and some other very girly things. It transpires she is in the mounted band, so thats that settled. Thanks for your help chaps. Carry on.

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