Ive ordered a mating pair, going to jam them up my hoop and wait for the babies to come out, scrathing my starfish with thier claws....

Getting a storker at the thought
had to be an american thing :lol: can't see us brits going for that sort of thing
Does it come with free sellotape?
stop it the lot of you!
have to get up early....... ffs.....
didn't realise the red light district opened before 11 :lol:
Here you go ladies and gents, tubed, greased and ready for insertion.. :D

That looks like an environmentally friendly tampax for lippy :lol: :lol:


Kit Reviewer
I thought you preferred rabbits Beebs ?
Those are not my fingers on that trigger, they are nail varnish free, must belong to Flashy 8) :lol:

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