notmesir said:
as to spilling the beans - how about the time I was in wales, invited myself back to a girls having spoken to her for about 15 seconds, got back to some squalid slum, the fat horror in question got naked and then whilst I was doing her from behind, looked round and asked, with a note of real concern in her voice, "you are going to do me in the arrse aren't you". I didn't know whether to laugh, vomit or just get up and run away.....god she was fat.

Did you though, do it in the arrse???
rrbitch said:
dui-lai said:
Where do you find these mingers?

Where about was it in Wales, 6 figure grids please? :wink:

dont you mean 4 Dui, you are after all a medic :D
Your not called RRbitch for nothing then?

Place must be Haverfordwest! Know the slappers well! Too well actually! :oops:
HFTrogg said:
Viki_127 said:
OK Boys question for you!!

If she is rank but has huge Boobs!!! Would u do it?

If she is rank but really dirty would u do it?
Mmmmm thought long and hard about this, and the answer would be YES and YES...Although thinks I know of the minger in Gunnys post and even I couldnt do that :).

Surely not blue veiners?? Eeeew
anyone remember "big winnie" from warminster , face that only a mother could love , and a faint tang of ..... what was it now , ah yes rolling baccy , b.o. and p*ss

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