split up? or put up?

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by private---pile, Jul 8, 2008.

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  1. hi there

    recently been accepted for infantry training at catterick, however i feel that being away for that long will damage any chance of mending an already depressing relationship!

    thing is, i would happily split up with her if there wasnt a child involved.

    i have a 10 month old daughter as well.

    any advice?
  2. check you PM's
  3. No reason to stay together just because there is a child involved.

    If the relationship is over in your mind and it sounds like it is,then i think it is just a matter of time.

    You just need to be there for your child.Maybe best if you can to part on friendly terms she is and always will be the mother of your child.
  4. Completely agree with Taboo there. Staying together will end with you both (possibly) hating and resenting each other. If you separate now and stay friends then your daughter will have parents who care for each other even though they are not together, which will make her feel secure.
  5. easier said than done... But if you have to do it, then do it when your child is still little.
  6. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Bin the bitch.
  7. You can't beat pearls of wisdom like that!

    I nearly choked on my stir-fry!
  8. Why is it easier said than done?If someone decides enough is enough then you split whether children involved or not.

    I was much happier alone with my boys,and so were they.
    Makes no difference how old they are,if they are a little older then sit them down and explain in a way they will understand.
  9. How long have you been married? Mrs FDJ and myself are coming up to our 25th anniversary next year. I should think we stopped having huge rows about tenyears ago; and probably we havn't had many small rows in the last five years. Any relationship has to be worked on; you get out what you put in
  10. And sell the kid on E-bay.