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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Sparky2339, Sep 4, 2008.

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  1. Hoorin' it and toorin' it!!! :D

    The name Jesus Jones rings a bell.... I think it's a WAH...

    He's got a mexican welsh name FFS!!!
  2. hey i agree, it is the naffi but before long someone whos balls have dropped wanders in.
  3. sorry the snail, not ment for you.
  4. Snail....
    Don't ever "diss" Andy Williams again!!!

    House of Bamboo... I like the song. Mea Culpa :D Corny etc...

    I've never held anything against gay people. Intentionally or not, but they grip my sh.it when they "popularise" classics (and Kylie) and make them sound even better...

    Clever buggers.... :D
  5. Oy, I love that song! Hence I made Mr Dale find The House of Bamboo.

    Number 54 - The House with the Bamboo Door
  6. Sorry for the delay in replying!! I was on "Ya Tube" (Jock vernacular) doing sing-a-longa-Andy Williams :D

    Not one of his best I must say, a bit camp, and a sign of it's times but...

    There's just something about it that takes me back to being a toddler Sparky.

    My kids may rip the p.ish about my taste in music but, they know all the words :D

    Just wait till my laddie brings a Para pal or two home on RnR, that Blue Peter badge he won may just magically re-appear :D

    Revenge is a dish long in the preparation....... :D

    I bide my time :D
  7. Fail - no Jockanese please fella!

    I just fella'd him - hehehehehe!
  8. Snail,

    You don't wear mini's - you wear roller blinds.
  9. You give me stick for using Jockanese when you've just used shorthand Latin!!?? :D :clap:
  10. Snail....

    "You're just too good to be true...." :D
  11. Josey, as much as I love you, what fucking planet are you from?

    Sparky, fella, I can just about understand Scottish, never mind Latin. :D
  12. I've lived and worked amongst the Scousers of Balmoral Ave, and the denizens of Dudley (duDDlee), Halesowen, Brierly Hill, Sparkhill. Also Accrington, Padiham, Bacup, Barnsley, Stofford, Stafford, Warwick, Leamington on Spa, Tower hamlets, Southwark, City Wall, Old Street, Befffnal Green etc.

    Jockaneese is my mother tongue (though my family are from Sligo) and I worked hard to master the Bo'ness patoi.

    If it weren't for my studies of Latin, Arabi, Spanish and French - I'd be struggling with English :D

    I know it upsets you, and I apologise again. I was posting on my home town forum where it's all in Jockaneese and it kind of sticks for a while.
  13. WTF,

    I thank you Sir.
  14. So you're Irish then?

    Apologies for my late response. Mac_UK was offering me sex with goats over the phone until his batteries ran out. I personally think he was checking them out first, dirty bugger.

    Anyhoo, this is not helping this poor lad's quandry. I have offered up garden clearance and house cleaning In North Yorkshire (Toppers has the keys - fill ya boots anytime), but with 2k, nowadays, what can you get?

    One for Sparky - yes I know all the words: Can't get used to losing you

    Pick Yorkshire, Pick Yorkshire, Pick Yorkshire.
  15. :D