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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Legs, Jun 6, 2007.

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  1. Please tell me there would be a headphone socket. Can you imagine the noise on the Tube with all those talking newspapers?
  2. Come on mate, who hasn't? :twisted:

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  3. Excellent vid Gunny, good drills with the HMG.

  4. Erm, that picture wasn't off the internet, it was a screenshot I took of a game I installed, and was stored on my hard drive prior to being uploaded to the Arrse server.

    :? :? :?

    Or have I got the wrong end of the stick? 8O
  5. Thats what the result is of decades of welsh men shagging their cats rather than their women.
  6. Think I saw that in Flares on Saturday night...

    ...it was an improvement over the usual occupents.
  7. Man has sex with a dog? Old news mate........

  8. How do we know the dog wasn't consenting?

    I had a dog for a lot of years and regularly slipped it a meat strip, soemtimes he liked it hard which could have been misinterpreted for rape.

    Its a sad day when a man can't fcuk his dog, or his neighbours dog without it being internet news.

    This isn't the attitude that won this nation two world wars and a Falklands campaign
  9. Confucious did write 'Give a dog a sly one oiff the wrist and it will remain loyal'

    I did the same with a shire horse and got a bath full of batter dumped over me.

    I had a golden retreiver and I found that if its teeth were closed, you could rub your helmet againsts its teeth and, gums and jowels whilst gripping the base of your own stem was a pleasure to behold... there was also a danger w@nk element as his gnashers could severe a limb so a love sausage wasn't going to be a problem.
  10. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Fook ... I would not want to be the RCO!

    Not bad skills, though. I had a friend in the Met [one of the "funny" ones] who could empty an L9 [on target at around 15 metres] in about 5 seconds. IIRC I had only fired about 6 when he'd finished :roll:
  11. Now, that is seriously funny.

    Did you get that photo from my knicker drawer?
  12. In amongst all the utter tripe on the net, sometimes a true gem appears. This is one of them. Utter comedy genius. Beer, I thank you for drawing my attention to it!

  13. Why oh why didn´t I join the Rafreg! :?
    I have never seen or heard a more incompetent explanation of weaponry in my entire life. :x
    These people could not be trusted to guard a shithouse in the Outer Hebrides. 8O
    "The GPMG is like......... a bigger light machine gun"
    Give me fucking strength. :evil:
    Send these people on an express flight back to their mothers wombs, a complete waste of sperm and thrusting movements. Really.
  14. Good site though, why can't the Army one be that good?
  15. Someone pointed out to me that the new logo looks like Lisa Simpson giving someone a blow job and now I can’t see anything else!

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