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Please tell me there would be a headphone socket. Can you imagine the noise on the Tube with all those talking newspapers?
Squiddly said:
Bugsy said:
Or has anybody else actually done the same?
Come on mate, who hasn't? :twisted:
Erm, that picture wasn't off the internet, it was a screenshot I took of a game I installed, and was stored on my hard drive prior to being uploaded to the Arrse server.

:? :? :?

Or have I got the wrong end of the stick? 8O
How do we know the dog wasn't consenting?

I had a dog for a lot of years and regularly slipped it a meat strip, soemtimes he liked it hard which could have been misinterpreted for rape.

Its a sad day when a man can't fcuk his dog, or his neighbours dog without it being internet news.

This isn't the attitude that won this nation two world wars and a Falklands campaign
Confucious did write 'Give a dog a sly one oiff the wrist and it will remain loyal'

I did the same with a shire horse and got a bath full of batter dumped over me.

I had a golden retreiver and I found that if its teeth were closed, you could rub your helmet againsts its teeth and, gums and jowels whilst gripping the base of your own stem was a pleasure to behold... there was also a danger w@nk element as his gnashers could severe a limb so a love sausage wasn't going to be a problem.
datumhead said:
Acccident waiting to happen? :roll:
Fook ... I would not want to be the RCO!

Not bad skills, though. I had a friend in the Met [one of the "funny" ones] who could empty an L9 [on target at around 15 metres] in about 5 seconds. IIRC I had only fired about 6 when he'd finished :roll:
msr said:
Dale the snail (Aged 5)

Now, that is seriously funny.

Did you get that photo from my knicker drawer?
In amongst all the utter tripe on the net, sometimes a true gem appears. This is one of them. Utter comedy genius. Beer, I thank you for drawing my attention to it!

Why oh why didn´t I join the Rafreg! :?
I have never seen or heard a more incompetent explanation of weaponry in my entire life. :x
These people could not be trusted to guard a shithouse in the Outer Hebrides. 8O
"The GPMG is like......... a bigger light machine gun"
Give me fucking strength. :evil:
Send these people on an express flight back to their mothers wombs, a complete waste of sperm and thrusting movements. Really.
Someone pointed out to me that the new logo looks like Lisa Simpson giving someone a blow job and now I can’t see anything else!


Mule said:
Someone pointed out to me that the new logo looks like Lisa Simpson giving someone a blow job and now I can’t see anything else!
Thanks for that, now I can't see anything else!
"It was never my intention to cause harm to Geoff and the fact that I have caused him injury will live with me forever. I am in no way a violent person."

Two, three or four or five :)

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