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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Bravo_Bravo, Oct 15, 2003.

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  1. please stop.

    People in my office are wondering why I am crying.

    When I tell them they just call me a perv.
  2. Excellent,

    This is what the NAAFI bars all about.
  3. I'm sat here in tears, struggling for breath. Boney and Convoy, too too funny.

    Who knew poo stories could be so funny?
  4. Blondbint

    I Stand In Awe.
  5. And i stand in bore
  6. She must have been - MDN has not been seen since his interview with out coffee with Mrs MDN.

    Did she put you on RoP's mate ?
  7. Nope , am forgiven and can resume being a gobby arsehole :D
  8. This is by far the funniest thread on ARRSE. Nearly sh*t myself just reading it.
  9. 30 seconds ago reading this thread!

    Shat myself laughin!

  10. You are such a classy chick :roll:
  11. Much Much better chaps, quality thread!!!!!!

    Poo tales and jobbie stories are the best
  12. sounds like a good night that!
  13. Why do Cav lads prefer their own company to that of women?

    you're a Yank aren't you
  14. I was nearly crying reading through some of those threads!

    Classic! :lol: