split stuff

please stop.

People in my office are wondering why I am crying.

When I tell them they just call me a perv.
I'm sat here in tears, struggling for breath. Boney and Convoy, too too funny.

Who knew poo stories could be so funny?
Minister_doh_nut said:
.. Oh my Mrs MDN was over the moon
She must have been - MDN has not been seen since his interview with out coffee with Mrs MDN.

Did she put you on RoP's mate ?
Nope , am forgiven and can resume being a gobby arsehole :D
Much Much better chaps, quality thread!!!!!!

Poo tales and jobbie stories are the best
boney_m said:
...and i had the shame of walking back to the accom smelling like my arse...
sounds like a good night that!
El Pug said:
I've been reading this site for ages but only decided to sign up to respnd to this - the best thread yet.

Invited to QARANC mess in Munster and went down with a load of lads from our mess. The highlanders were there as well, as usual dressed in their skirts. Well the QARANCs wanted to do some scottish reels. Us cav lads shyed right away from this
Why do Cav lads prefer their own company to that of women?

El Pug said:
and hit the bar over in the far corner of the room, watching the nurses and the porridge wogs throw each other round the room. The supper must have been a bit dodgy 'cos one of the jocks followed through whilst twirling a nurse like you do when reeling, as this bloke was in mid swing at the time the lumpy gravy went everywhere, particularly as he was going commando in true scottish style. The rest of the nurses fled, the jock beat a hasty and very embarrassed retreat and we p*ssed ourselves laughing before finishing the contents of the bar and night tray and heading home - and that was about the most interesting thing that happened while we were in Munster
you're a Yank aren't you
I remember grand slamming at Divulje barracks in Croatia after drinking to much pivo at the JHF bar.
Naked outside my Corrimec letting on to passers by as i leek from every offifice.
i then went onto catching scabbies from living in the dive tower changing rooms. Marvellous times!!!

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