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Bill Oddie the Regimental Freemason:

Comes with:  apron, box of tricks and one trouser leg rolled up, varying badges of rank (as real thing is usually grossly over promoted).

Does that kind of thing happen in your mob too? Thought it was only in mine!
Convoy..........do you intend introducing a female Oddie.......Roberta perhaps.......or just plain Shaz or Tray?  There's lots of scope for posts if you do mate ;D
Bill Oddie with his trousers round his ankles and a wad of tenners in his hand crimping one off by the cash point
Bill 'The Royal Signals Officer' Oddie.  Wanks even more than the 'Moderator' version.  
Hank Oddie the spam squaddie - Insert battery, switch on and watch him randomly open fire on the cat, children etc.

The missus has just wandered in to see what the fcuk it is, I'm laughing fit to give meself a hernia over

Quality post Viro  ;D
Kingsman Bill Oddie - 1 KINGS - comes with overdone scouse accent, black curly perm, 70's tache and Battalion shellsuit.  Voice module comes with all the classic scouse expressions, such as 'Gizza job' and 'Their not my kids'.  Comes with car stereo tucked under arm.  Has a shifty expression and head which moves left to right (as if looking for the owner of the car stereo/police) and back and forth in a 'Yosser Hughes' headbutting stylee.  Aaaaaaaaright  Laaaaaa! :D
Ma - you are so seventies.  The perm has gone in the updated version.  Iraq do's are in and the voice module has been changed to "I need to feeeed me baybeeees".
Where have you been Dale?  Are you just back from the Sun?  Well nice to hear from you again.  Sorry about the '70s scouser stereotyping, but you must surely be talking about the 'Tracy Oddie - the Scouse Squaddies wife!' ;D  If so, you should add' eez no paid 'is CSA and I've got no dosh.  'Ow the f*ck am I meant to go out forranight with no dosh?  Er, woodja be interested in a car stereo?';D
Surely you mean that it took that amount to put them 'in their boxes?'.

Just an observation. :wink:
The HRH Prince Harry Oddie.
Looks uncannily like James Hewitt



War Hero
Book Reviewer
cuchulain said:
Harder Bahadur Oddie- cheap foreign import with a great publicity campaign. Undercutting the price of real Bill Oddies and forcing the closer of British Oddie factories.
But very PC and therefore acceptable to New Labour :twisted: :!:
General Melchett said:
How about the Bill "Sex change" Oddie.

2 toys in one. First it's a bloke then it's bird.

Complete with removable genitalia and add on breasts.

or the Bill "Lesbian" Oddie. Like the male version only with shorter hair.
And an RLC Beret
is there one that does dodgey films for the mirror :evil: :evil:
suppose it resulted in organ getting binned so not to bad :twisted:

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