split stuff

RTFQ said:
.....I think a mong version of running man meets escape from LA is a better idea. .........................Picture running for your life through the local park as 300lb downs kids dry to dive bomb you with hang-gliders....
You, my man are a fcking genius!
I am at work and have shared this thread with a colleague who is now in a fit of uncontrollable giggles!! I am doing all I can to quieten her down, its making me laugh now because she looks and sounds like a right mong and she thinks I am laughing at this thread!! HA HA HA
Cheers Biccies - I have said if she dont stop I will make her sweep the floors and,..................... clean the toilets!!
I have no family, the teeny tiny buggers ran off with the circus and now make regular appearances in the freak show, the more affluent members claiming to have had bit parts in Willow.

I'm still truning tricks at the age of 52 and doing european hold open manouvers in the window at my neighbours, so naturally I'm jealous at their success.
delthearmourer said:
Might I suggest getting your mongs from Asda on a friday afternoon, I was most chuffed to discover that after clearing the dribbling fat bird that blocked the door the isles were packed with the living dead. They haven't got much choice but you'll get more mongs per pound with rollback
Any SPECIAL deals ??? Buy Mong get Mong free!
old_bloke said:
There was Mong type with the 47 RA Reg I think, at Lippstadt in 1982. All he ever did was polish the guns outside RHQ and mong about.
Wasn't that the RSM?
shortfuse said:
lads ... lasses ... i'm proud of you all.

this is what makes the NAAFI a great place to swap ideas.

planning permission is in, after an initial sticky point when i noticed the planning officer had a picture on his desk featuring a moon headed grinner ... i think we're in.

i shall get Berni to start breeding mongs for the hunt from his special fighting herd he keeps in a 40' skip in his back yard ...

one last suggestion for now is the "mong hall of mirrors"

put 5 mongs in a mirrored room and see which one p1sses their pants laughing at themselves the first ... the winner gets chucked through a wood chipper.
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Bugger....I p1ssed meself first
filthyphil said:
PMSL Cuts, imagine the feedback that would get at a romantic dinner dance. "Look Darling, they're playing our mong"
Coffee, screen, ooops! Very funny FPhil!
This is ill but......................

Shortfuse, you are a demi God. Fcuk, tears are streaming down my face; I have not read, seen or heard anything as funny as this, ever!
This thread is ruining my life! since i first read it yesterday, i've been subject to uncontrollable fits of laughter at all times of the day and night, my wife is now concerned. I only have to think of 'bonkers conkers' and i'm off again. Please keep them coming, it is just fcuking hilarious.

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