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challenger7 said:
Could one of you nominate a spokesman to explain to any or all of the relatives of the victims of the 'heroes' you identify above, why this thread is running in ARRSE? Or what sort of military type would find it funny?
I'm a military type who finds it funny. I'm also a military type who knows I could never get bored of headbutting you.

You are a quegg of homotastic proportions, oh, and you are a cnut.
Dennis Neilson for trying to rid londons streets of gay homeless blokes.
Oh this is a bit more like it!

Have to come back from self imposed exile after the Wednesday afternoon knitting club took over in the NAAFI bar.

Don't forget two lovely cockney urchins Reggie and Ronnie who wanted their dear old mum to be safe on the Vallance road.

Great kids, they'll "Make you smile forever."

" ave a banana....."
daz said:
I’d like to nominate the following,

Satam al Suqami, Wail and Waleed al Shehri (two brothers) ,Abdul Aziz al Omari Alive, Fayez Banihammad (from the UAE), Ahmed al Ghamdi, Hamza al Ghamdi, Mohand al Shehri Alive, Saeed al Ghamdi Alive, Ahmad al Haznawi, Ahmed al Nami Alive, Majed Moqed, and Salem al Hazmi

Rookie pilots and large scale landscape redevelopment engineers whose only crime was to try and combine two different jobs (well 4 really) in the New York area, it’s not their fault someone left the landing lights on in both the twin towers and the Pentagon, really I could have happened to anyone, honest.
Wise words, mate. Controlled flight into terrain: the biggest single killer of newly qualified private pilots license holders. :D
Harold Shipman - pension plan recalibration specialist, addicted to the use of opium and a bit of a swinger.
Blogg said:
With a eye across the Atlantic, let us not forget those who have contributed so much to the creation of the expression:

"Going Postal"

Of note:

1986: Patrick Sherrill: 14 dead, 6 wounded

1991: Joseph Harris 4 dead

1991: Thomas McIlvane, 4 dead

1995: Christopher Green, 4 dead, 1 wounded

2006: Jennifer San Marco, 7 dead

Full list to worry about when you next go to a Sub-Post Office under threat of closure:

Let us not forget that these were not just creationism at their best - but a legitimate protest against the inadequacies and ineffeciencies of the postal service and these fine people were merely reducing the size of the payroll. Surely these are working class heros that the soft middle liberal classes have ostracised as villans
Issi, if your offended pop smoke from sticky marked subjects, why do people have to be so taboo..? I take the wet out of people with no limbs yet cause it is frowned upon by people i get told to tone it down. Yet my old man has both legs removed and he wanted people to talk bout it. So Rotary International on a visit took a eye-patch stick-on beard and plastic parrot. Laffed my Arrse off when i saw it!!!

Jog on nobbers!

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