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PMSL :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I now have coffee over my keyboard and screen 8O People are asking me what is so amusing...what will I say 8O


LBdr_Pigshagger said:
AFKAC said:
In another thread, we discussed the relative merits of going at your clocksprings with a set of clippers. Set to number one, they can deliver a gusset like Kojaks napper. The noise is like someone feeding wire wool into a tree-shredder.

The worst side effect is the itchiness. It means that your fingers smell like beef and onion crisps till it grows back.
I have indeed tried this.

Another favourite was the Regimental Exercise Arse Spider competition, held between the Surveyors and the Soundrangers. Each participant had to wear a pair of White M & S Undercrackers for the entirity of the CO's four week exercise, then on return to camp, they would be compared and points would be awarded.

On the last day, you would also have to carry out the eye-watering drill of manually removing the aforementioned spiders to be graded.

Points were given for overall size of the lump, with extra points being awarded for the amount of legs it had.

Oh, halcyon days indeed....
Bravo bravo!

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