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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Dzerzhinskiey, Feb 8, 2003.

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  1. You sad tw&t. Have you discovered sex and beer yet?
  2. Doorbundle, have been trying to point this out to the worthies on this thread, but no luck so far. Apparently ratpack food is orgasm inducing.
    Maybe we're missing out!
  3. Yup both discovered and frequently enjoying both. Thanks very much for your concern though.
  4. By your politically correct use of the word "coloured", do you mean black? Then again, he could be Fijian, and be a beautiful shade of mocha with a hint of dairy milk!

    P.S Sausage and beans is a winner.
  5. I'm coloured, I have Ginge hair and red skin

    Can I have a free house?

    Remember, first person that takes the p1ss out of the ginge hair is a stinking racist and is also "bang out of order"

    Or don't the rules count if I am white?
  6. Err better speak to the wife about that one, due to terrible gambling debts, a gin problem that's spiralling out of control and a penchant for titty bars the house is in her name....
  7. That's the one! Us natives aren't allowed to complain, everyone just laughs if we do.
  8. err aye I guess that's the current state of play with regard to what can and can't be said in this lovely, ahem, litigating, namby-pamby, cotton-wool wrapped, immigrant beckoning, bunch of PC Blairite arrse that we call a country.

    Where the hell has the great gone from Great Britain?

    Drug fuelled oiks, antisocial behaviour bills, imigration / asylum issues, freedom of speech / press, defence overstretch, student funding debarcles, enquiries into enquiries..... the bloody list is endless.


    Oh what's the craic with that dehydrated pineapple and tropical fruit dessert effort ?
  9. I'm a 12 year old girl pretending to be a 48 year old man... Can I stay?
  10. May i say that after reading this thread once again i conclude that, Doorbundle and Badass are idiots, plain and simple!

    But if it makes you feel better i apoligise for some quite poor in quality posts in the past.

    Now i don't bear grudges do you.
  11. and i am in full support even if he is a brummy..it is disgraceful how we are picked on! :D
    especially since some of the worlds leading authority on stamp collecting are gwars like us!!
  12. I don't bear grudges at all. Thanks for apologising you pr1ck!
  13. door bundle bet you wish you really had been in the paras? :D
  14. Yes I've been in a perpetual dream world for past 16 years.