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  1. :lol: that is fecking genius
  2. futurebootie your sig is fooking shite mate.
  3. Im gonna call Greenpeace on you, thats a very rare neverbeenhumpedback whale that is
  4. no, its a shite sig block thats what that is
  5. I'd have said, "Pure see water", you must see things I don't.
  7. What pray tell is wrong with it?
    you guys are just jealous that's your problem.

    You are just unable to grasp the divine awesomness of a huge fucking arrse like that.
  8. love the siggy S_M_P
  9. It's so true ;)

    By the way, my 3 year old saw your sig and shouted, "BUM BUM". Chip off the old block that one :wink:
  10. :twisted:
  11. ;

    Brilliant! Good old PRB
  12. Not sure if this belongs here or in the dog house but it made I larf

    3 days biscuits was a bit steep though

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