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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by REgards, Sep 20, 2007.

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  1. Not your Lambo was it Arby? :?
  2. You just don't understand!

    It was the owner of the Lamborghini's fault that his car was vandalised! He, one of the rich property-owners, mocked this down-trodden lad by owning such a vehicle and it was only right that his property be criminally damaged to pay him back for such vulgar flaunting of his wealth...

  3. I thought from the title of this thread that this was a competition that you could enter. :cry: I thought I stood quite a good chance.

    Never mind.

    I think people with twenty grand sports cars are cnuts too.

    Edited to add, in the light of subsequent posts


    On a car?!


    A right cnut.
  4. Spot on Dozy - however, if it was an Aston Martin DB9 I'd say the little prick should be hung, drawn and quartered for defacing a work of automotive art! :evil:

    Edited to add can Dilfor tell me where I can get a new Lambo for twenty grand?
  5. What really gets me is why does he only pay £1000 when he did £20000 damage? or did I miss a bit?

    The chav twit
  6. Christ knows what you think of people with £150,000 cars! ;)
  7. and what makes you think the judge should have made the poor bloke pay the full amount of damage????

    it wasn't his fault, he probably came from a broken home and had a hard life in when he was put in care!!!!

    think before you judge :D
  8. Ooooooh, I'd have boiled his testicles in acid had he done that! :twisted:
  9. Hopefully with aformentioned chav still attached? Then when the skin is raw and bleeding set the pigs on him! (Hannibal stylee not the police)
  10. admittedly, anyone who drives a lambo is fairly low down the food chain. I think his community service will be promoting "rights for nonces" in prisons. :twisted:
  11. Dozy, your real name's Frankie Hulme, isn't it?

    Astons? Cars for poofs, IMO :D
  12. Nah, I was just practicing for if I ever fancied changing my career and becoming a community out-reach worker or some such... :D
  13. please :p in pink with manhateing biach keyed into the paintwork .... its a dadaism thing fecking walter benjamin :roll:
  14. The fact that he could afford the car in the first place would suggest that he has a very good job or rich parentage. Which can only mean, he must have been a c**t to some poor c**t in the past and therefore the c**t deserved it. :D

    Jealous? Of course not, Im happy with my roller skates.
  15. _______________________________________________________
    That they are able to afford to engage some Ex-Spetnatz chaps, plenty about in London, and I do know of some to have a little 'chat' with those three misunderstood lads to set them straight about their place in society....