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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Zega, May 27, 2007.

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  1. What ID is this then?
  2. 22 years of being fookered with my eyes open!!!
  3. I get free access to the camp where I work every single time I flash it. I haven't been refused yet - brilliant :D
  4. Ditto. Slags who love a bit of squaddie cock. Brilliant!
  5. hmmm interesting....may start a new thread on the RBL admittance policy
  6. You seem pretty pissed about this mastergnr, you've told us now on 2 threads, suggest you pay your 10 quid membership
  7. that's why it's on two threads. i was a little annoyed and was just enquiring whether it was an isolated incident...clearly it wasn't!!
  8. That explains a lot then! I can't belive that you gave Gyran Troll so much stick for his multiple tests!
  9. Classy!!!
  10. There is a bit of a difference between buttering up the instructor with a couple of wheneyes and the frankly shameful performance from the a/m Arrser. I rode to Le Mans last weekend for the GP. When was the last time either of you two got outside the M25 on your steeds? (titter)
  11. Thanks Pal. Can i counter-invoice you for what i have just spent? As i feel that i have bought far too much!
  12. Most of the free stuff I've read so far are in the USA, pity the Brits don't offer the same here eh.

    BT. :lol:
  13. Well it worked when I picked up your mother! I have never met a woman who likes her back doors being kicked in so much!
  14. PL.... there's always one that goes to far (usually myself, granted!)!
  15. You love it. You are right about the lack of discounts etc we get in the UK but if you go to the USA or Canada you get loads of discounts etc.