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It seemes Earhart was a better poet than a navigator.....
That is such a good poem SB

I say that one quietly to myself at Tyne Cot  :'(
Oh, Man at CIS....... Tennyson is amazing...gives me goose bumps when I read it (and many of the others here).

Although I shudder to think of 'Lord' Archer now living in Rupert Brooke's old home in Grantchester - ugh.


You're joking!

Well, I think the lyrics are good. I'd like to have a listen to the tune though.
Part-time pongo-  What are you implying?  That the dear old defenders of Ulster/Ireland (delete as appropriate) are nothing but racketeering, drug-dealing gangsters?  Surely not?!  Has anyone told President Blair this news?  quick someone call downing street immediately!!
Bad CO,

that baskets of blood poem is one of my favourites!  Ol' Rudyard sure did churn out some good 'uns.

Rif-raf, being pissed doesn't make you a bad man.  what's the one about the yellow bird on the window sill.....  can anyone remeber that one?  I seem to remember that it doesn't end well for the yellow bird.
My personal favourite...

Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom,
Booom, Boom, Boom, Boom,
Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom,
Boom, Boom, Boom...Boom

Which humourless tw*t deleted my Heinz Beanz poem? That was a classic. The way some of you thread Nazis carry on sometimes. It was squaddie humour, what was wrong with it? It had as much right here as any other verse.

Very Good :D
cutaway do you have the rest of that poem it rings some bells


Kit Reviewer

I may be wrong but I think that's all there is of that poem, it's all I know of it. Not sure if any more is needed.

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