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Minister_doh_nut said:
We had a bloke who could spew on demand, he took great delight in filling his gob full of carrot broth and gargling it, making sure he spilled enough down his chin to make everyone aware of what he was doing.

Nothing nicer in the cook house than sitting opposite a bloke who could entertain himself with vomit.

The final straw came when he forced thick creme of chicken spew through his teeth and wanted a cuddle
Would he have been a full screw in 1990? I think I know him.


Eagle said:
Dirtiest Fcuker I ever knew was a blerk who'd fill a Pint glass wi' píss then invite the enire Bar to fill it even more with anything from toe nails and pubes to poo pebbles and population paste...then he'd down the lot!


...you know who you are!!! :wink:
Don't be shy Eagle.
A drink problem is nothing to be ashamed of,
especially now you've conquered it!

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