split from

And a word of warning to any fellas who think it is funny. There is also a MALE version called priapism.
Makes a good case for wearing Depends. Imagine that...raisin sized testicles.


Not funny?
course its not funny, it goes against every principle of a women in a partnership innit :D

I am always on the verge of orgasm, but do i complain? no i just live with it. 8O
well said VB, i was all ready to climb aboard my high horse but then read youd beaten me to it.
good on yer.
That's incredible (inaccuracy). They should be hauled over the coals for it. I'm sure they have experts like you guys at the end of the phone to check with so no excuse.
Gunny Highway said:
Lordy, I could do with suffering with priapism. I have enough problems getting it up, and with drink inside me, it's a big massive no-no. Not even Pam Anderson shaking her melons at me could get it up after a few bevvies.
Hmmmm. Just a bit too much information.
SnakeBite said:
Priapism is obviously a serious problem. But to any switched-on soldier, a problem is merely another obstacle to overcome. So :-

1 - You now have somewhere to hang your beret, no need to stuff it into a pocket or tuck into your belt loops.
2 - You have an instant centre pole for your basha
3 - Jacking up a landrover has never been quicker
4 - never forget your pool cue ever again
5 - useful pointing device for instructional purposes
6 - A useful "attitude adjuster" for beating unruly crows to death
7 - Cheat on BPFA press ups
8 - Donut and onion ring storage facility

Or alternatively you could just play Chinese Helicopter Pilot 24 hours a day
Hahahaha :lol:
Adds a whole new meaning to boys and their toys!!!! I do take it the above items are all miniture versions???
Good thing you have a HUGE imagination at least....
Hahahaha :lol:
Unfortunately babycakes, i often suffer from stella-induced-anti-priapism.

I have long since developed the skill of pushing a marshmallow into a
piggy bank into a beautiful art form.

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