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split from trouser thread

The chogis in Iraq must owe HMF the national debt of Liberia then. We could buy FRES, Eurofighter and three new carriers and their escort groups if we get our act together. Now can someone unblock Caubeen so we can get his lawyer's details from him?
A thief is a thief is a thief. Doesn't matter how educated or qualified they are. It's part and parcel of their low down sordid nature. You get them at every stratum of society. Little lick spittles.
Don't mock. Loss of trousers can be a traumatic experience.

Aeons ago, when the earth was still hot, a future Ancient Mariner sat at his desk in primary school. The teacher made an announcement.

A pair of trousers had been stolen from the PE changing rooms. If they are returned, no further action would be taken.

On discovering the theft, he victim had been marched through the school in his Y fronts to the headmaster's office. Headmaster dispatched a runner (no phones in those days) to the victim's home to fetch replacements - only to be told that the kid's school trousers were the only pair he owned (it's rough up north).

Headmaster had to drive the small boy, clad only in y-fronts, home where he remained until the next giro arrived and a new pair of trousers could be purchased.

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