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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Ting-Tong, Jun 24, 2004.

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  1. Who thought that having kids could ever be such fun!!!
  2. Good skills Chickenpunk
  3. The missus has now been educated and beaten into submission. The next child will be named Gareth Paul M.G
  4. impressive, cant wait to teach that one to my two :D
  5. perfect example of the old skool on bads lads army.
    some must try techniques.
    can't wait :twisted: :twisted:
  6. Beebs, you know your problem here, hindsight being of course 20/20.
    The word NAVAL was where everything went all runny...
    really thought a basic error like that was beneath you, you should know it's only a choice of pirbright or swinderby - Job Done!
  7. >Wed Jun 23, 2004 <

    Holy resurrected threads Batman!
  8. before i start yes i have been to see a psychiatrist.

    i still live at home but when my fokes move out of pad quaters i intend to make my room a home from home. if you are confused "i'm going to make my bed room into a barrick room" with shiney floor, bed blocks and all. (even the squeaky door)

    oh ye the shrink did say i was just a bit very sad.
  9. i need to thank you all because my misses was bleeting on about having kids so i showed her the parenting advice i got off the net she is soscared ill try some of this stuff we are never having kids :)
  10. Have seen the thread Ref his book, seems to be doing rather well, any feed back on its contents? have you read it S_M...?
  11. No. Haven't read it. but Convoy's posts would lead me to believe that the book would be a cracker. I'm waiting for Tattybadger to get his. Then I'm going to steal it off the old git.