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Gunny Highway said:
FBW said:
my surname is double barrelled and has the intials M G

keep trying to have my kids name starting with Gareth Paul but the bloody msrs wont have it

cant see why :p
Fcuking cooool ! Excellent ! You need to educate the misses!
The missus has now been educated and beaten into submission. The next child will be named Gareth Paul M.G
blessed baby cakes said:
Is there a book I should be reading on all of this?
It all seems fair to me, but not sure about the practice.

Searched both of my books by Dr Benjamin Spock and nothing.

I did send the teenager to Naval School,
Drills, sailing courses, inspections, boot cleaning.....
He now has more body piercing than a Tetley tea bag,
Drinks more alcohol than I do,
And is bunny hopping 24/7 with girlfriend.
I see the discipline wasn't wasted on him!

Think I will home teach the monkey....
Beebs, you know your problem here, hindsight being of course 20/20.
The word NAVAL was where everything went all runny...
really thought a basic error like that was beneath you, you should know it's only a choice of pirbright or swinderby - Job Done!
before i start yes i have been to see a psychiatrist.

i still live at home but when my fokes move out of pad quaters i intend to make my room a home from home. if you are confused "i'm going to make my bed room into a barrick room" with shiney floor, bed blocks and all. (even the squeaky door)

oh ye the shrink did say i was just a bit very sad.
i need to thank you all because my misses was bleeting on about having kids so i showed her the parenting advice i got off the net she is soscared ill try some of this stuff we are never having kids :)
No. Haven't read it. but Convoy's posts would lead me to believe that the book would be a cracker. I'm waiting for Tattybadger to get his. Then I'm going to steal it off the old git.

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