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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by FluffyBunny, Nov 16, 2005.

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  1. RTFQ has suggested we consider the fol question instead of discussing any details of current or intended prosecutions. I think this is a good idea.

    I'll start the ball rolling:

  2. if it can, let us know how, our hands are tied by pc facists and arse end politicians
  3. Clearly not.
  4. A lot of navel gazing, plenty of focus groups, large doses of self analysis, an immaculate PhD thesis (completed in 2 years), an inspired staff course, two goes on 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire' and some expensive appointments with my shrink have all led me to the inescapable conclusion that this has to be a 'NO'.

  5. Has your cough got any better?
  6. Ummmmmm let me think...... Well we can fight such a war, whether we can win it is another matter.
  7. No.

    We have to fight using the same rules as the enemy and accept that there will be mistakes, that some freedoms will be lost (on a temp basis, one would hope), the security forces/services can kick the tree huggers sh*te human rights convention into touch and among other things media reporting on "the war on terror" be censored by the security services.
  8. No.

    Not a chance while we remain a nation of lions ruled by a government of sub-human pond life scum.
  9. I'm with Private Pike.

    Reinstate Crown exemption from prosecution for the 'war on terror' ... on the basis of recent cases could save the tax payer a bob or two.
  10. Sorry - double post.
  11. Whoa - hang on a minute guys, I agree that something somewhere is going wrong. But the Army has always operated within strict constraints. I can't claim any great length of military service but throughout my training it has been made abundantly clear that if I get the RoE wrong and shoot someone I shouldn't I'll end up in the dock. We all look down our noses at the casual armies of other nations. Meanwhile we account for every round and expect to be called to explain how we acted as we did in any engagement (in a peace keeping environment that is). This fire discipline can only be maintained by strict control from above. It is because of this that British Forces are able to deploy into areas where all parties will be confident that they won't make the situation worse.

    After many years of being kept on a tight leash in NI, FRY and elsewhere, leading to successful and highly commendable campaigns this constraint is being labelled on this thread as

    If we rip up the rule book for the totaly undefined "war on terror" then even our best regiments will rapidly be no better than your average third world militia.
  12. Well said Lasalle.
  13. I disagree, 3rd world Militia are ill trained, undisiplined, corrupt and badly led. If many of the rules are removed or redefined the Brit Army IS disciplined, well trained and led, they would not become a 3rd world shower of sh*t.