split from slapper thread

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Wayne_Kerr, Sep 24, 2002.

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  1. OOOOOO!Any postings there?

  2. sure it was female?

  3. i've told mum about going out on her own , but she won't listen :roll:
  4. lol.....tell her to get some clearasil on her arse will ya shortfuse......make em all feel sick
  5. there not spots on her arrse , their nappy rash from where she pisses her keks.
  6. Pissing kecks?.....so you are definately your mothers son then lol
  7. HEY!! MB! I'm ex :!: I didn't shag anybody in the 'shot!! :wink: :twisted:

    (not your "ex" either :lol:
  8. you didn't shag ANYONE...in the shot? No way..I do not believe that....its impossible for a solider not to there!

    You secret slapper :wink:
  9. i expect you gave it/them your best shot though :wink:
  10. yeah but shortfuse....did you give her one? :wink:
  11. LOL @ moodybitch
  12. jesus you've got a low opinion of my moral stan..... well i thought about it , but the stench drove me back. :oops:
    made do with cracking one out imagining her with her crappy knickers half down and a baguette up her wrong un. :lol:
  13. Too big for a bratty, then? :D
  14. yeah it was more like a corduroy life belt.
  15. What so I'm in with a chance then? 8O :wink: