split from saddam fone footage


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Chris_2oo6 said:
My my, you are a busy boy Chris! I thought you were in basic training?
Anyone have a link to the Google video or you tube offerings?

I have a nifty firefox extension that allows me to directly download from Google video or you tube for that matter..
Did the chap who filmed it previously film The Word? Was he knocking one out at the time?

Saddam is off to a fancy dress party tonight. He's going as a giraffe......


War Hero
pitty they aint released the propper video footage... I hate phone vid footage its always sh!t quality
I quite liked Saddam, firm but fair.

Plus, he had a lovely beard with beautiful salt and pepper colouring.


War Hero
Upon hearing the news saddam has been executed Elton John is to release his tribute song on tuesday.

Dangle in the wind will be 2.99 at all good record shops
Why would anybody want to watch it....??

Fair enough, he wasn't a very nice bloke, but still.........


I haven't seen the short drop and sudden stop bit but it was a shame that the representatives of the government looked and acted so unprofessionally in contrast with Saddam's decorum.
AHHH but was that him or one of his many lookalikes?

Bad gig for them!

Oh c'mon someone has to start the conspiricy.....he's in the states working a 7-11 :wink:

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