split from para starwars

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Fallschirmjager, Oct 23, 2006.

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  1. Where did that come from? It's not even finished yet!!! We was going to release it on DVD to raise money for the families of the blokes who died in Afghan.

    Good fcuking bloke! Cheers news of the world :x
  2. Don't blame NOTW - someone must have sold it to them...
  3. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Tell News of Screws you want a donation.
  4. I take it that it's only an abridged version? In which case just treat it as free advertising - you could ask NOTW to put an advert in their paper for the full version for sale.
  5. Yes, the full version will be around 2 hours long, mostly of video footage. I also star in it so loads of chicks will buy it!!! 8)
  6. Liberace also called from the grave for a copy of the bit with you in, he was heard to say 'He has the baggiest yet most muscular tender bottom I have ever flooded'
  7. I take it this won't be on general release to shops? If so, where could the final completed version be bought?
  8. clicky for copy
  9. Writing to: The PRI Shop, 3 PARA, Colchester, Essex should do the trick...

    Edited to add - remember to put a crisp shiny new tenner in the envelope.
    Edited a second time to add - how do I remove that website link from my history before the Frau sees it? Baastard!
  10. I wish you feckers wouldn't keep dropping dodgy links in

    I'm on the works complicator and it scans everything for "key" words and iffy sites

    At the very least you are making me look like a right beefer
  11. Very educational Mr MDN, I'll find it very useful if i ever consider a career in 3 PARA mortars. :D
  12. Well Fallschirmjager,
    That's what happens when strawberryblond, Neath boys get hold of technology...
  13. MDN is a bastardo!

    Go to 'Options' (2nd drop down menu from the RHS), click on the bottom options 'Internet options' and when the dialog box comes up clear your history and delete all offline content. Easy.
  14. Like the video, Hope to see more made.
  15. Fallschirmjager, my legal knowledgede isn't the best, but perhaps if someone connected to the video has such, then you could try the "Intellectual Property being damaged by lost sales due to prior release" line. Might be worth it on NOTW