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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Aunty Stella, Oct 16, 2006.

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  1. Yep, the guy that look after one of my cars, Horizon Motorsports in Cradley, converts those little Smart cars to do just that.

    Still look like a tool though, just a fast one :)
  2. Very possible - I used to sell the little buggers and although you needed threats of violence to get anybody to drive one thay were damn quick off the lights.

    Great for shaming chavs in Corsa/Saxo/Whatever complete with big exhaust as 0-40 along the Dock Road in Liverpool they'd kick botty. People get really hacked off when overtaken by one of these (if they're a bit challenged in the lovepole department).

    When the car weighs as much as pack of 20 B&H, 700cc of throbbing power does the job! Then there was the Brabus modified version which was a very nippy wee thing.

    The one in the vid has had more tweaks than Jordan's nipples but guys like Brabus and the indy modifiers take pride in stuffing unfeasible amounts of power into very daft cars. I'd have a go just for a laff but would only buy one if I lived in the Smoke.

    Still worth bugger all on trade in though, and taking one down the m-way is entertaining when it's blowy. Smart Roadster is even more fun as long as you're under 6'0 and 12 stone!
  3. I sense a bit of disgruntlement.I have a Brabus Cabrio remapped to 110 Bhp.No trouble on motorways and will make BMW owners gnash their teeth as you leave them at the lights!The Smart in the vid is a very well know one.it belongs to some Portugese nutters well known for stunts like this. Z Cars do convert with a suzuki 1100 motor if you have the money.
  4. the dock road was my regular route to work (pleasure Island) and I find it hard to believe you never disappeared down one of those potholes they are frikken huge :D
  5. Shit start by the Ferrari though
  6. Not disgruntled, it was just that it was always my Merc that got lent out and I ended up driving 30 miles home in a bobby-basic Pure along the M53 which can be the windiest M-way in the country. As I said, off the lights they were good for burning off the penii;less, and I do include nost BMW owners in this category! (ducks)

    And I would have a Smartie if I lived in old London town, just a pity that the roadster leaks like a bleddy sieve and there is no cure from the factory (except drilling drainholes in the floorpan)
  7. Mann Island in my case and I agree about the potholes (drop a stone down one and you'd hear someone going 'owww fuck' in an Ozzie accent) but in a Smartie you only cover 1/2 a lane so can take avoiding action!