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split from naafi


What a farkin joke!

Time to get all the discussion about whether you'd rather smash a mong's or Kira Cochrane's backdoors in out of our systems right now.
Hold on....

From the (ahem) "anouncement".
"We are talking about things that are not already an offence – harassment emails to a colleague of a sexual nature, for example," said the spokeswoman. "The best example is nuisance calls, heavy breathing, obscene sexual comments."

How on earth do heavy breath on an e-mail?

Hold on.

ah hahhhhh, er herrrrr, hmmmppphh hhaaaaa... no can't figure it out.
"The offences may not seem inherently sexual, but could have had a sexual motive," said Coaker. "These changes are necessary to strengthen the monitoring and management of sex offenders."
Summed up then...

The "offences" will be completely trivial in most cases, just a case of the Home Office or relevant authority coming in with its size 12s for no reason.

The changes will "strengthen" the "monitoring and management" of sex offenders in the some way that is currently lacking. ie the system that allows them back on to the streets months after their last offence, unsupervised or in plain speak has no "monitoring and management" what so ever with the exception of some tree hugging liberal who thinks the likes of Rose West and Moira Hindley should get a second chance.

What fcuking retard came up with this scheme and the "strengthing monitroing and management" sound bite?


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Bill_Bones said:
What a farkin joke!

Time to get all the discussion about whether you'd rather smash a mong's or Kira Cochrane's backdoors in out of our systems right now.

The main difference being the mong could type a coherant article about it worth publishing in a major newspaper.
So what about that husky whore who does the M&S Food adverts. Surely that heavy breathing and pathetic innuendo earns her a 10-to-15 stretch.

Heavy breathing online. Hhhhhhhhh Hhhhhhhhh Ahhhhh......... You're in trouble if your keyboard has a fault!

What's the sentence for a thought crime these days?


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So, I'm in a massage parlour and we slap around a bit, for some stimulation(or to keep me awake). Ok, who gets the ASBO or SOPO.


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So if I am correct and maybe one or two of you arrses(?)
may have done this but.
If your missus has been painted in the nude does that incur the
wrath of the SOPO because of it may have a sexual motive

Tony are you watching.......


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half of the establishment have been caught with their pants down with all sort of deviant perversions.
"Thought crime" is a very dangerous road to go down, everybody is suspect ,
"we are arresting you, because we have reason to assume that you are a potential kiddie fiddler and is under preventive arrest to stop an offence from taking place"

George Orwell is right !
How the bloody hell is the local plod going to get an arrest warrant on the grounds that someone ' might' be prone [ or prostrate for that matter] to sexual - um - digression in the future?.. Waht indicators could they possibly note to pick out someone as maybe going to commit an offence at some future date?

" M'lud, I noted the said gentleman laughing in a potentioally lascivious manner over the advert on the No. 2 bus for the Christmas Panto, " Noddy and Bigears visit the Woods "...

oh, dear, oh, dear...
The mind boggles at what may mean you are going to commit an offence in the future.

Apparently a history of such offences doesn't count, judging by the dross allowed out of the prisons early under the current system, so maybe they are just going to use some old tried and tested methods.

For example, the ducking stool or perhaps weighing alongside a duck.

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