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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by chemystery, Dec 22, 2006.

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  1. How scary is that......
  2. Seems we're all headed to be living our lives as criminals in a police state. So much for exporting freedom by force.

  3. LJH club will soon be recruiting then
  4. Best get the really nasty posts in now, before it becomes law. :twisted:
  5. MDN; give yourself up now
  6. This government is obsessed.
  7. I'm afraid all this will do is bring the law into disrepute. Having said that, until the Sexual Offences Act 2003, a good many people on the sex offenders registers were there simply for offences that would have been perfectly legal had they been committed by straights! What would be more sensible would be to subdivide the register into a serious sex offenders register (SSOR) and a minor sex offenders register (MSOR) for minor cases such as those mentioned in the article. They are minor as one cannot compare sexual innuendo made by an adult to another mature adult with the rape of a child, a grave offence indeed.

    Anyone in public office who has an affair with their secretary should automatically go on to the MSOR for life - unless they voluntarilily forego their pension for life... :wink:

    PS: It looks like Britain will be left defenceless if this goes through, with most of HM Forces "inside". :lol:
  8. Most of you deserve locking up anyway and the remainder need gassing.
  9. This is really scary! I don't think it has been noticably publicised.
  10. And it has nothing to do with making more people fall into the criminal bracket thus increasing the home office detection rates.
    Its an easy prosecution, you dont expect the old bill to actually get out there and arrest those making the lives of millions miserable do you!
    This government and its stupid laws, pah!

    Bring on the revolution
  11. well, thats you lot screwed. now if you don't mind, i'm off to get my SOPO by commenting on my secretary's lovely eyes.....

    if nothing else tho, it's another certificate for them modern 'yoof' to aspire to.
  12. So you can be put on the sex offenders register for writing something that the police don't like but that isn't a specified offence. Great, lets start guessing what might be an offence shall we?

    This Government want stringing up and the opposition too for letting them get away with it.

    ReichFührer Bliar wants fcuking with a frosty mop! Oh, dear, must go, the police are at the door.
  13. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Gentlemen, do not panic, The Dear Leader (Praise be upon him) will not allow this law to be used unwisely.

    After all, the Terrorism Act and Serious Organised Crime Act have not been abused at all by the state machine.

    Now, I am just going to fill Porky with Avtur and light his little porcine afterburners.
  14. You all are a bunch of kiddie fiddlers

    Right that's you lot sorted....yes m'lud, I know that they're all vile fiddlers!
  15. This is a very very scary bit of legislation.

    All those posters who have ever posted a NSFW warning on one of their posts could very easily find themselves being done under this.

    Not good..