split from medals thread in seniors

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by The_Snail, Sep 7, 2008.

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  1. Meddler does "Mates Rates" as well. Depends who you know. 8)

    That's you on my shite list blobby.
  2. Same as, I have done then for a few beers/bottle for close buds. But they are only your close friends when they need something.

  4. Meddler, if you read the first post on this page, that is taken from the current PAM 10 METHOD OF WEARING RIBBONS OF ORDERS, DECORATIONS AND
    WEARING OF RIBBONS (note the red marked script)
  5. You are a very very brave person messing with R Meddler!!!! We might call in R Teen if you don't pack it in!
  6. Snail i couldnt be ARSED getting into a shallow argument over who has their medals to the F***in correct mm. I follow the rules on the Order of wear. If they want 6 side by side and look a tit when they cant march they can have 6.

    I do a very good job as you know so im not arsed what anyone thinks :D

    Hope your ok by the way!!
  7. Quick Tip................. Polish the medals (not the jubilee or UN medals obviously :roll: ) and use CLEAR thread. It really does make it look more professional!!
  8. The medals are polished, and the medals are sewn down with a neutral coloured thread. as per DIN!!

    I could email you relevent docs if you want a read considering you are offering a service!

    PM your email, i'll send them.
  9. Sorry blob not looked at your medals so couldnt tell you if they are polished or what thread you used :? You seem to be on the defensive lol, so i take it you have used thread you can see. My tip was for anyone who reads this, jump down off your soap box now!

    And no its fine i really cant be arsed reading anything at the moment got a lot more to worry about. Maybe there are people out there who would love to read your info though.

    You could always add a link if its something you feel very passionate about. No offence intended but im not interested and never will be.

    You do yours i will do mine. Do you have to get into shallow tit for tat its not a competition there are plenty of medals to go round :D