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hallveg said:
Is it wrong to find this arousing?

Not when you wake up next to Mrs Hallveg.......

That made me laugh. But FFS it's a GWA dog!

Heres the news. Hallveg is a stinking Gwar.....

Errrmmmm. :oops: So was I as a kid. :oops: Am only blonde due to fading. :(

Bet the clout still looks like a Fox's tail. And smells like one too.

Couldn't tell you ....... tits obscure my sight and smell.


DOG is GOD Spelled backwards!
Must be a dog born of devils.

Oops!! Thats me.
BTW if I see any apparitions in or around my arrsehole I'll diligently post the pictures. :D
just looked at it again, and if you concentrate really hard you can see the image of jebus appear over about 2-3 seconds.

I'm guessing it's been 'shopped. :D

Good work from the author though!
Interesting isn't it? No one has the b**ls to photoshop Mohammed or Allah on there? Is everyone afraid of the odd fatwah?

Thinking about it....wouldn't the protests throughout the world be fantastic though....lots of outraged Muslims with banners with "Death to ARRSE" on them!

Now that would be some serious publicity for the board!



It's not exactly photoshopped (fake), if you look at the picture its basically 2 pictures, one is the original image and one has been altered to make Jesus stand out. The picture just changes from one to the other.