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Er...wow. Amazing what one can do with two goats clamped in a metal frame....
msr said:

Very odd - just watch it when it gets booted...

It looks like a fcking rabid dog. If that ever gets to the battle field you just throw it a fcking grenade then stand back and watch.

As for the kick well it wont be long before the Robot Protection Society get that dude arrested.
Creepy yes, but I dont know whats wrong with you people - I'd still f*ck it...
Who's up for a wierd robot spit-roast?

In fact I always considered Robot Wars to be porn of the highest calibre...

Marvelous piece of engineering,
Now can they do something about it`s gait, so it walks less like the lead singer of the Scissor Sisters and something more macho?

No one wants something that minces into battle carrying their kit
The_Kurgen said:
No one wants something that minces into battle carrying their kit
3 para mortar platoon?

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