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February 23, 2004

Soldier in Iraq unscathed after close encounter with rocket

By Robert Hodierne
Times staff writer
FALLUJAH, Iraq — There are two ways of looking at it. First way, Ruben Garcia should have put all his money on a lottery ticket because Saturday was his lucky day. Or, he should never bet on anything ever again because he had just used up all of his luck.
He and his friends debated this philosophical point as they examined the hole punched through the plywood-covered window just alongside the 27-year-old specialist’s head. The hole punched by the 57mm anti-tank rocket that then passed through a wooden computer desk — leaving the computer unharmed — and planted itself harmlessly in the concrete wall on the other side of the room. A rocket with a warhead powerful enough to punch through four inches of armor.

Garcia, of Miami, was stretched out on his upper bunk, the rock band Tool’s “Lateralus” blaring in his headphones, when the rocket hit at 10:40 Saturday morning.

“There was a lot of smoke in the room,” Garcia said. “I didn’t notice the hole at first. What I figured happened is a mortar landed on the roof and the roof was caving in.”

When he looked around he said he “saw the hole there (in the plywood) and it had fin traces ... I knew a rocket came through. ... I figured, the rocket didn’t detonate, the best thing to do was just get out of the room.”

Rocket, mortar and rocket-propelled grenade attacks are so common at this 82nd Airborne Division forward operating base on the outskirts of Fallujah that it takes something as remarkable as Garcia’s near miss to raise eyebrows.

In that same Saturday attack, one of the four rockets fired exploded just 70 feet from three soldiers walking down a road picking up trash. Moments after the dust settled, the soldiers continued on their way, picking up cigarette butts and candy wrappers.

One of those three, Sgt. Joshua Carroll, 23, of Atlanta, said later of their quick return to their work, “I know it sounds weird, but there’s nothing you can do about it. ... I figured it was over. They usually only fire five or six rounds.”

Besides, Carroll said, 70 feet isn’t especially close. He said he had a rocket-propelled grenade whiz past him three weeks ago, missing by two feet.

And it wasn’t the first time Garcia’s house has been attacked. A few months earlier, a mortar landed just outside, slightly wounding a member of his unit. On Saturday, fifteen minutes after the rocket careened past his head, Garcia smoked a cigar and made jokes.

Spc. Mary Bigalk, 22, a reservist from Oshkosh, Wis., was in the same building with Garcia, 20 feet from the rocket’s path. Bigalk goes into downtown Fallujah on a regular basis and shrugged off the near miss.

“This is nothing,” she said. “It’s just another day in Fallujah.”


Looks like all our prayers are working. Angels are definately smiling on these troops.
Latest via CNN, 8 July 2004:

"A plot to carry out a large-scale terror attack against the United States in the near future is being directed by Osama bin Laden and other top al Qaeda members, senior intelligence officials said Thursday.

"Bin Laden and his top lieutenant, Ayman al-Zawahiri, are overseeing the attack plans from their remote hideouts somewhere along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, according to senior intelligence officials."

It says that the guy who gave them this hot tip "spoke on condition of anonymity."

Secretary of Homeland Security, Tom Ridge, said that the planned attack is "an effort to disrupt the democratic process," i.e., the November presidential election.

Sec'y Ridge also said that "we know that [Mr. bin Laden and colleagues] have the capability to succeed and they also hold the mistaken belief that their attacks will have an impact on America's resolve."

The article then quotes some other no-name person who drew an analogy to the Madrid bombing. He said that bin Laden's plan is to cause some major bloodshed which will intimidate the voters into voting out the incumbent administration.

"Officials: Bin Laden Guiding Plots Against U.S."

My completely unscientific, man-in-the street impression is that most folks here have stopped paying attention to these pronouncements, because there have been so many of them, over so long a period of time, with so little correlation with subsequent events.

All the same, I won't be too amazed if something big and bad happens anyway.


General Melchett said:
how he plays "enemy" for his local SWAT team, who need more training...

Do you think he dresses up in a gimp suit and mask, and lets them taser his testicles? I think we should be told :D
If he really wants to help his local SWAT team, he should give them a credible 'hate' figure. Their early training would be all the more realistic were he to wear a TCH mask.

Phase 2 training could take place in a new training area, coincidentally in TCH's constituency. No more 'Tasers on Stun'.

Enough dreaming......

Mmmmmmm ..... dreeeeaming
Well at least he's honest about it and the site's well laid out.

I hate to think how much dosh he's shelled out for that lot...and has no other use for it other than dressing up. :roll:
He seems to have also convinced "gear" manufacturers to send him kit for "testing"
Oh to be an expert
Seeing as we are still recovering from the annual chocolate binge I felt it was important to remind all Arrsers of the true meaning of Easter with a bible site everyone can enjoy.

The Crucifixion


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Fcuk me, now lego is religious. Better story line if they had of done Debbie Does Dallas or something along those lines, now I could get my rocks off on that thought :lol:
This one appears to handling it fairly well.


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She has them hidden!


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