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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by devexwarrior, Aug 31, 2007.

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  1. On checking out this month's pay statement on armynet I noticed a few things.

    1. Still not gettting pay for acting rank after 6 months (not the issue under discussion here)

    2. Language award has been paid-yippee. Shown as separate item on sep statement

    3. Main pay paid as usual.

    I have £100 from my main pay go to another account-fine, but it looks as though £100 has also gone from the extra payment has also gone to that account. Is this usual or a quirk of JPA? In the old days allotments only went from main pay.

    I'm not complaining just curious.
  2. Its a JPA f uck up, and you should have been briefed up before hand. My units' pers were all dragged in to be asked if they wanted to continue their allotments or not during the x over to JPA. :?

    Reason: (the one I was told anyway)! When these boffins dreamed up JPA they couldnt or havent thought of sending all add pay to your main pay acc. therefore all add pay you now get will be split % unknown to me, between your main and allotment acc.

    Once again, another f ucking useless bit of kit that wont work at 100%. typical. :twisted:

    Hope that answers your Q. 8)