Split between Adams and McGuinness?

I was discussing with my mates in the pub on Friday abut the difference in the responses of McGuinness and Adams to the happenings of recent weeks. As many here have noted, McGuinness has been pretty hard in his language (much to everyone's surprise I think), whilst Adams has continued his normal weasel words.

Seems that we here in NI are not the only ones to notice

From the Daily Torygraph
Martin McGuinness, Northern Ireland's Deputy First Minister, has distanced himself from his Sinn Fein colleague Gerry Adams by issuing a strong condemnation of the recent killings in Northern Ireland.

His description of the shootings of two soldiers and a policeman as a futile attempt by "tiny micro groups" to create "mayhem and destruction" stood in contrast to those from Mr Adams last week.

His words, delivered at a St Patrick's Day event in Washington as he stood alongside Peter Robinson, Northern Ireland's First Minister, came amid growing reports of tension between the former IRA commander and his republican comrade.

I'll put my money on the unpainted clown if it kicks off....
Aren't they both just caricatures of Blair and Brown - or Major and somebody else whose name escapes me at the moment..
Hmmm... What you might want to ask yourselves is... Who are the people who are being questioned over the recent murders and how close are they to the guys doing the talking.....
Or they're just trying to play both sides. Adams does the minimum needed of his position to not alienate the republican extremists whilst McGuinness gives it both barrels so if anyone makes a fuss about what Adams has or hasn't said Sinn Fein can turn around and point at McGuinness' statement and say look we've vehemently condemned them.
The hardliners who might sulk and go across to the DRs have more time for McGuinness and trust him more. They have concerns about how far Adams will go to further his own political career. Therefore McGuinness gets away with saying things that Adams can't.
They are both weasel cu nts, no doubt with a murder contract on each other.
They are both weasel cu nts, no doubt with a murder contract on each other.
So I wonder which one of his masters's lines our resident IRA / SF fund raiser will follow?
The Unionist source said: "We've sucked McGuinness into the process while Adams is still partly outside. It's obvious that McGuinness enjoys being a minister and Adams doesn't like that."

Bit of an understatment really. Adams does all the leg work in the dark years and now McGuinness lords in up in Stormont. Durrrrr!

Both scum, slot them both.


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Whiskybreath said:
Another Split?


I believe the names 'The Spare IRA' and the 'Alternative IRA' are still to be taken. If they have any more splits they're going to run out of adjectives!

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