Split arrse causing uproar

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by BWFC, Mar 15, 2008.

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  1. I cannot believe in all my years in the army what I heard today!!!!

    There I was stood in queue as usual to see my ever so helpful HR admin staff to complain yet again about JPA, when I was abruptly pushed aside by a big rig of a stripey split arrse.
    Not only was I pi88ed off at the rudeness but also the way she was blazing about being shunted out by someone upstairs in HQ. (this was well and truly going to pi88 the clerks off before i even get chance to see them)

    Well I found out that once she finally left, she is after sueing the army for discrimination over the wording of clothing in the British army clothing catalogue and wants the army legal system to represent her!!!!!
    She says its against her morale rights having to ask for mens clothing.
    Due to the wording of the catalogue she reckons it should say "Unisex shirt combat" not "mans shirt combat". For fcuks sake is it that much of a deal to her!
    Anyway it casued that much of a hassle I was frobbed off and made to come back monday to sort out my JPA paininthearrse system.

    If you are reading this you stroppy arrse get, maybe if you lose a few poundage you may fit into a mans shirt rather than MK3 wrap round!!

    What has the world come to?
  2. Was she not AGC herself? Come on name and shame the capbadge - Hmm female, fat with attitude we're heading towards RLC here, aren't we?
  3. Add no shes a rugmuncher to the pole options and i will consider nay i will definitly vote for it :wink:
  4. I am suitably outraged.
    How very dare she
  5. Now Im not sexist and have worked with some cracking lasses, but one here is becoming a real pain in the arrse. Whining and bleating on about how hard done by she is to anyone that will listen and every time a BPFA comes around she's struck down by multiple aches, pains and illnesses. Funny enough the one coming up was cancelled and she seems to be all healthy again.

    Bloody wimmin!!! :x (not all of you mind)

  6. Why no option for "no" on the poll? Sounds like all she wants to do is whinge an make other people's life a misery!
  7. She obviously hasn't got enough work to do, if she is whinging about such minor matters.

    It is simple really. The shirts were designed for men, but they are also issued to women. She should thank her stars she gets issued it, otherwise she wouldn't be issued anything at all, seeing as it "mens".

    With an attitude like that she should be binned. Either that or she is a mercanry type, and just wants money. Has anyone told her yet that if she wins, she just takes money from the Army? ie the boys on the frontline don't get ammo and body armour. Just so she can have a pay out and change the poxy wording on a label that wears away after about 20 washes!!!!

    There used to be a whole wardrobe of uniform for women. It was called WRAC service dress :p

    Easy way around this, have used this method in the past. Put on the board, or get your senior to, "Football for PT".

    When they turn up, SNCO or what ever, pulls out a nomi and details off ALL those who haven't completed a PFT to do one. All the wasters look shocked, all the good lads go and pass it. Those who have passed the PFT, play football.

    Failing that, and I appreciate you may not be in a position to implement this.

    During the first week of each 6 month block, PT sessions are PFTs (If you have done one you do potted sports or basket ball as a treat :) )

    On top of that the gym runs a PFT EVERY Thursday. And a CFT on the first Wednesday Afternoon of EVERY month.

    Try explaining to the SSM why you couldn't do a PFT when you have over 40 to pick from!!!!!! A list of names is put on Sqn Orders who need to do a PFT too, you just clear it with your Troopy, and turn up on Thurs.

    They are quite grown up about it too. Fail one, you have one week to pass (ie turn up next week). If you don't pass, or don't turn up, then you are on remedials.
  8. me dear, gay dear, no dear!...fat heffer
  9. I think she is right, women should have their own clothing line.
    CS95 Mini skirt
    CS95 Combat crop top
    Combat High FMB's
    Only to be issued in sizes 8 - 16 any larger then they get a sack and a holiday with a PTI of ther RSM's choice. :)
  10. It was me.
  11. I have visions of this looking like Kays or Next, at the very least silvermans!!!

    Have a feeling it is just a list of NSNs and the vague descriptions ie about 50 Shirt Mens with differing NSNs encompassing all shirts from working dress to service dress, t shirts to Norgies!!!
  12. Can't be you snail!..the original post says it goes against her Moral rights....you don't have any moral's.....fancy a shag! :twisted: :p
  13. Actually it says Morale rights, have you any morale snail?
  14. I Think that's his typo..what the fu** are Morale rights? well snail, DO YOU FANCY A BIT OF ROUGH?
  15. It can't be snail, she is a Cpl.